31 October 2022

3 Steps: Rewarding With Gift Cards

Gift Card Packaging
gift card

No matter what the occasion, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Whether you’re wanting to thank your employees for securing a great sale, or you want to celebrate clients who you’ve partnered with, or there are some loyal customers who deserve a little extra…having a gift card gives them something they can really enjoy. Being able to personalize the card for the individual is what makes gift cards so much more impactful; choosing a service or product that you know means something to the person will increase the chances of sales, a successful relationship and positive feedback. 

The gift card market is huge and will only continue to grow especially as brands move further into the online space. 48.5% of retailers accept gift cards, and 46% of consumers bought a gift card online. This means that there is a huge amount of potential for giving those closest to your brand something that positively impacts their life.

Using gift cards within your business will mean that you can brand them, put them in employee gift bags and hand them out as bonuses and incentives. Personalizing the cards even further with a message will always win over any individual; employees, partners and customers want to be seen as humans dealing with humans. And what’s more human than a personalized note?

So here are our 3 Tips for a perfect gift card to win over colleagues, clients and customers:

  1. Design

It might sound simple – and you can check out our design articles to see how simple it isn’t – but the design of your gift card matters. From how easy it is to open, to how big the message compartment is, to the colors you use and the materials you choose. That’s why we have our own in-house design team which works alongside your own, this way you know that your branding will fit perfectly onto the packaging and come out in the manufacturing process exactly as it looks onscreen. 

  1. Manufacturing

The manufacturing of your gift card should be in a facility you trust that uses high quality inks, the right materials employing faultless assembly. That’s why we’ve searched the world for the perfect network and come back with global alliances which mean you get the best of everything. Our years of experience mean that we know what to do to ensure your packaging is the priority. We do studio runs in our own Europe office and only if those come out perfectly will we go ahead with the full order run in our international factories. 

  1. Delivery

Your deadlines are our priority. We understand how important it is to be able to successfully meet those targets within your business and our shipping agents work hard to ensure that you can. Thanks to years of experience we’re adept at managing deadlines even in adverse weather conditions…forecasts and in-depth knowledge of our system means that we can deliver a service you can trust.


From gift cards to turnkey processes you can come to BPAK confident in the knowledge that your brand’s packaging is in safe hands.