28 January 2021

3 thing that can go wrong with your personalised packaging

The packaging is a key part of any product, but it is easy to make simple mistakes, making the end result not as memorable as you had hoped. Packaging has many uses; from protecting your product to having stand out on a shelf or in an advert, as well as being the place you communicate your key information and branding. But often it can end up doing none of these important things. Here are three things to watch out for, mistakes that can easily happen – and how we can help ensure they don’t with our personalised packaging!


The packaging is not aligned to the product

Often the design and manufacturing of the packaging are considered to last, long after the product itself is designed. Ideally, you need to design the packaging at the same time as the product – even if at this point it is just an initial design. This way the packaging and product are aligned and sit perfectly together. Together they attract the ideal customer. Together they share your brand values. For more help on this, visit our Process page here.


The packaging is not memorable

Your packaging matters, whether it is packaging for food or that we create such as our personalised loyalty card packaging. It needs to have stand out so your customers notice it in the first place. It needs to stand out from the competitors. It needs to scream “Buy Me” if on a shelf or hanging on a peg.

But it also needs to be memorable. The easiest way to do this is to create something funny or unexpected. This could be the design itself, the graphics, or the messaging. Or maybe all three like our penguin personalised packaging we created for Amazon.


The packaging is missing entirely

There is nothing memorable about packaging that doesn’t exist! For example, receiving a new credit card that you are excited to receive but is simply stuck to a piece of paper. Or a gift card is thrown into an envelope. By adding personalised packaging you have a chance to not only be remembered but to communicate so much. From who you are, to what you stand for, and maybe instructions on what to do next – the opportunities are endless.


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