17 March 2022

Superhero: Unlock Your Packaging’s Potential

Make your packaging a superhero

Does your packaging look like a little bit mundane when you know it has the potential to be an incredible sales conversion? Here’s how to make it reach another level and win the hearts of all your customers. 

So what makes a piece of packaging go from ordinary to extraordinary? 

Here are the 3 tips which will bring out the superpowers of your packaging – and you don’t even have to buy a cape. 


01) Look the part

It doesn’t matter how amazing your brand is if your packaging doesn’t look like it can save the day. In one glance you want to be able to catapult your customers into their dream lifestyle. 72% of Americans say that product packaging influences their buying decisions – so how can you make the most of this huge percentage with your packaging design? First of all, stay consistent with your brand’s aesthetic and template, use images to convey your message – remember that getting the attention of your target audience will rely on visual cues and…..


02) Battle the mundane

People are going to buy your product to solve a problem in their lives and emulate the lifestyle they want to be living. So ask yourself what the problem is that you’re solving, and can you actually prove you’re going to save the day through your packaging? 

Make your packaging tempting and visually enticing – you want your customers to buy all your products and believe that each one will make their life better than it already is. How do you do this? You give them a reason to believe that investing in your product is the best option – the only option – for them. 

Do this by


03) Be memorable

What is it that you can do which no one else can? And how are you going to do it in a way that no one else could? Your packaging should be utterly unique, something that fulfills the necessary function but in a way that stands out. It should also match the overall aesthetic of your target audience as well as their ethics – so if you’re targeting an audience who are passionate about climate change then don’t use virgin plastics. Know your limits but use that to your advantage, spin these as a positive and make sure your packaging shows where you want to be. Make your brand so familiar to your audience that they recognise it immediately’.


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