2 October 2020

3 Ways Covid-19 Has Impacted Packaging Design


The way we shop has changed dramatically in 2020, with COVID 19 accelerating the speed of change that had already started. Consumers have altered their buying habits and retailers have had to adapt to new health and safety measures which has given new challenges to the world of packaging. Packaging now has to work harder, due to a growing demand for a bigger and better experience as well as face to face staff/customer interaction reducing. Both of these are likely to continue post-COVID.

What does card packaging now have to do (and how can we help) to ensure that sales grow beyond the pandemic?



Let’s face it, 2020 has been pretty bleak! Consumers now want more of an experience, to connect with brands and feel that their money is spent wisely. They want something in return, over and above the product itself – whether that be the feel-good factor or entertainment. They want to feel valued especially since all purchases are able to be reviewed,

We have always recognized this and create a branded memorable experience with our slider gift card paks, or 6 sided SIM card packaging. It makes people smile!

I loved the super cute penguin and the way the eyes move as you’re opening to see the card. I’m so excited to give it to my sister in law for Christmas!

is just one quote from a happy customer on receiving our Amazon gift card packaging.



Consumers are buying more online than ever before; they don’t want to browse the shops wearing a mask and in some countries, shops have reduced opening hours and staffing. Data on IBM shows that e-commerce growth has accelerated by five years which is unlikely to slow down.

There are reduced opportunities for face-to-face contact to up-sell products and services – which your marketing now has to do. However, your packaging can help with this. We shared ways business can do this in last week’s blog How To use Your SIM Card Packaging To Sell Remotely including creating revenue from your packaging through selling ad space.



The rise of Click and Collect has shown that consumers want to pick up their products at speed, meaning your packaging needs to have stood out. They need to be able to find it fast and to ensure they have the right product. Again the packaging is key as consumers are making decisions fast. Your branding needs to be clear and the design eye-catching. You need to stand out in a sea of other product packaging.

Don’t worry we can help with a personalized branding service; we work closely with you to create something fun and memorable that is right for your brand values. Have a look at some of our designs here.