2 September 2020

5 Reasons To Recognize and Reward Your Team

Motivating your team

Reward and recognize your team with the help of our premium packaging.

So you want to help your team to achieve their best and optimize your company’s productivity? Employees aim to be at a company that rewards their work, values their effort and appreciates their loyalty. According to Reward Gateway  7 in 10 employees want to feel more motivated in the workplace, while 90% of HR managers claim that recognition and a reward help to drive business results. So is it time to think about how you can improve your company’s recognition and reward system?

Here’s our guide to creating a reward scheme that reflects your high-quality team.



We all want optimised productivity. In business it saves your company money and increases time efficiency which creates customer and management satisfaction. A rewarded workforce are more likely to meet your deadlines and want to achieve your targets.


7 out of 10 employees want to feel more motivated at work. Reward schemes are a great way to create friendly competition and boost productivity with high motivation. Teams that have something personal to aim for tend to get bigger and better results. But only motivated managers can create motivated teams, so find the spark and go the extra mile for your company because by recognising and rewarding your team, your entire organization’s culture will improve.



According to Teamstage the average employee will spend 90,000 hours (a third of their life) at work. If they are satisfied with the company and feel respected 61% of employees will be content; therefore achieving high quality results and caring about the company which will have your team meeting targets and co-operating for optimised results. Motivated managers create motivated teams, so find the spark and go the extra mile for your company because by recognising and rewarding your team, the whole culture of your organisation will improve – an element that is deeply important to 79% of the US workforce.


91% of HR Managers agreed that rewarding staff results in better job retention; saving time and money in recruitment. Constantly renewing your team means you have to invest in training and more day to day support, costing you even more. A happy and rewarded team stays, an unhappy team leaves either physically or mentally. So you want your best people to stay and move up the company ladder? Well when their hard work is recognised, employees will see your company as a career rather than a job. 77 percent of students stay at their first job for less than one year, what you need to do is make it worth their while to stay and progress.


A loyal team stays and passionate employees will be better at selling your product or services, making an effective Service-Profit Chain. Reward the hard work of your employees and help to create a loyal three way bond between them, the company and you. Teams that feel connected, rewarded and respected will have better in-team relationships and trust with the management, resulting in a greater output for the entire workforce.


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