29 April 2022

6 Degrees: E-Commerce Packaging

Connected world

6 degrees of separation. Remember this theory from the 1990’s? Well now Facebook has theorized that it’s down to 3.5 degrees. This statistic is based on the average user having 300 contacts on Facebook – this 300 contacts are linked to each other through this one person who is in turn linked to someone else who has 300 contacts and so on and so forth until you reach the net amount of internet users through just one person’s contacts. Is your mind blown yet?

Here’s the math

  • Degree 1: 300 people
  • Degree 2: 300 x 300 = 90,000 people
  • Degree 3: 90,000 x 300 = 27,000,000


 40% of people share product packaging on their social media – and if everyone is connected via 3.5 degrees of separation then technically your packaging has the potential to be seen by everyone who has a social media account. Which is why this theory is so important for your brand, as the impact of social media and the Metaverse grows consumers will be looking more and more online for products and services which suit their needs. It is through social media that businesses will get most of their traffic and therefore generate the most sales as well as the majority of their business’ growth. 

How are you going to make the most of this? The e-commerce packaging industry is meant to reach 61.55 billion by 2026. Packaging is no longer just about blank boxes for shipping items safely; wrapped in brown tape, stuffed with bubble wrap and secured with all manner of additions so that it’s impossible to open. Often overlooked and underappreciated in the world of ecommerce logistics are the boxes and packaging in which you ship your products. That arms-length approach to your shipping containers is understandable. It’s just a box, right?  Well, not really. 


Investing in packaging and the rewards you will get in terms of sales and exposure from this investment is really a no-brainer for most brands who sell via e-commerce. Value is not only the price you pay for something, but it is what you get for the money. Valuing your packaging means that your brand can make the most of the 3.5 degrees of separation theory…because if your customer loves your brand then their followers will too. The more people who see a positive review of your brand, the more likely you are to get sales and a loyal customer base. 

E-commerce packaging has become recognised by brands as the best way to:

  • Consolidate the relationship they have with returning customers
  • Advertise their brand to new customers and get free social media exposure
  • Enhance the customer experience; make an amazing unboxing experience for your customers
  • Transmit information to your customers; include incentives to shop with your company again, details about your brand and offers etc that you’ve personalized 


Whether it’s 6 degrees of separation or 3.5 degrees of separation. Either way – your packaging is the best way to make an impact on your customers and gain more exposure for your brand. Make sure that you are optimising your e-commerce packaging and your brand with bespoke designs and slick engineering that makes the unboxing experience one your customers won’t forget.