23 April 2021

5 Design Ideas To Consider In Your Packaging

Design Ideas

We are all about the customer experience here at BPAK. When your customers receive their SIM card, bank card, loyalty or gift card we want them to be WOWed by your brand. We want them to remember the experience and share your product with their friends and family. We want them to feel valued, and increase their loyalty to you. Our innovative slider system can do this for you but today we wanted to share some design ideas that will add to this, here are five packaging design ideas to consider.


Add humour

Adding humour to your packaging will make your customers smile and think well of your brand. It is also more memorable. However, of course, this only works if humour is important to your overall strategy. For example, a luxury brand may choose not to because it doesn’t feel right and their customer will not expect it. Humour can be added through words, through visuals or by the overall design. For example, the sliding eyes on our Amazon gift card pack always raise a smile with the young and old!




Add color

A bright color will stand out especially if the packaging is hanging on a shelf in a store. You don’t want to blend in! However, it is important to align with your brand colours too, especially for hero products such as the packs we created for T Mobile. Some brands can choose any colour for their packaging – so if this is you – consider what will stand out and be eye-catching.


Add simplicity

It is so easy to overcomplicate things – adding loads of color, pattern and text onto your packaging. However, sometimes simplicity is key to give your customer time for processing everything you want to communicate.  Don’t be afraid to leave blank spaces or even whole sides. This works well for premium brands that often create very simple packs. Sometimes less is more!


Add a story

If you have a story to tell, share it on the packaging. Whether it be your brand history, customer testimonials or even a funny story about the design of the product. Everyone loves to be taken on a journey so do this via your packaging. It will also surprise them as so often the communications we share are either selling something or functional. This will add joy and make the experience more memorable.

Add nostalgia

Like storytelling, people love to reflect; being nostalgic will help them feel more connected to your brand. We did this for Delta Airlines loyalty card packaging, when it came to celebrating 40 years of the iconic DC-9 plane, they wanted to create a limited edition loyalty pack made from the body of a retired Delta jet.


Adding optimisation

While simplicity works for many, others find using the space to your advantage is key. Think about using all sides, including inside the packaging to communicate your messaging. Want some ideas on what to communicate? Our blog, How to use your SIM card packaging to sell more products remotely is full of ideas.