23 January 2023

At The Table: Packaging For Retention


When it comes to working out what your brand needs with your packaging, everyone should have a seat at the table. The packaging your brand chooses will not only affect the board, sourcing, design and finance sections of your business; it will also affect your sales and marketing, your HR and recruitment teams. Because your packaging is your brand’s calling card, it’s essential that everyone has a say in what should be included. What would the people who currently work for your company want to be buying? How can your packaging benefit your brand looking at more than the bottom line?



Brand loyalty is about more than just the clients and customers you are trying to sell to. Your teams are the best endorsement for your brand – they have a complete insight into everything that goes on and as a result are the best, (and most accurate) reviewers. This is why you want to create something they’ll love, recruit people who align with your brand’s ethics and workplace culture. Spend time ensuring that the hours they spend building your brand are enjoyable for them; because these people are the most important marketing tool you have at your disposal. 



When creating a piece of packaging make sure that it’s authentic in relation to your brand and the culture you’ve created within your business. Again, the people who work for you will be able to look at your packaging and see whether you’re being honest about your product. There’s always a high chance the reviews they give to other people will affect your business. Authenticity not only helps to get the customers you want, it helps to retain clients you already have as well as your team. In a world which increasingly craves honest connection, it’s important to give customers a real picture of what they’re buying into. Not only the product but also the brand.


Here’s how important the right packaging is to retention in your brand:

retention statistics per industry

In the telecommunications industry, the constantly evolving nature of the technology and the incredibly competitive nature of the market means that customers are constantly looking for the best deal with the most value for their money. But if they value the brand and connect with it they’re less likely to move. That’s where amazing packaging comes in. The message that every area of your business wants is going to equate to retaining current customers while attracting new ones. That’s where it’s so important that every department at your company is on the same page when it comes to what you offer and what you want to offer and how you offer it. What makes your brand better than your competitors? Find that niche, stay authentic to it and watch the packaging do all the work.


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