24 April 2023

Behind The Scenes: The Power Of The Brand

Behind the scenes

Branding is a great way to get the business you want, but it’s also more than a piece of packaging or advertising. So, come with us behind the scenes to find out everything you need to know about a brand.


Here’s the top 3 things about branding that we’re going to cover:

  • Today’s News Lines Tomorrow’s Waste Bins | Make Something Timeless
  • Kill Your Darlings | Don’t Keep Something Just Because It’s Good Enough
  • As Above So Below | Make The Inside As Beautiful As The Outside


Make Something Timeless

Today’s News Lines Tomorrow’s Waste Bins

Unfortunately this is harder to achieve than it sounds. To create a brand that will live longer than six months and be memorable for generations after you, you need to make a lifestyle within the brand that people aspire to because it represents something which is seen as socially valuable. That’s another thing, brands become iconic when they become valuable socially. The most socially valuable and recognised brands are the ones that have an easy to understand image.


Don’t Keep Something Just Because It’s Good Enough

Kill Your Darlings

Stephen King tells writers to “Kill their darlings” in terms of word count, paragraphs, characters, story lines – the idea is that the more you cut which is ‘good’, the more you will have which is great. In your brand, if you like an idea but it’s only a ‘good’ idea then cut it out. If you have an idea which is great, keep it and match it with another great idea. 


Make The Outside As Beautiful As The Inside

As Above So Below

It isn’t just what you have outside your brand, such as products or palette or your logo. It’s also about what your brand’s like behind closed doors. A business is like a relationship, no matter how good the facade is, if there are problems it’s only a matter of time before the cracks start to show. So you need to build your brand from the ground up with ethics that are echoed not only in who you partner with; but also in who you hire, how you treat employees, and what your top three values are. Those top 3 values will shape every area of your business which will create your brand. 


Creating a brand that lasts forever starts behind the scenes but it evolves into a physical entity. To get packaging that is not only high quality but also fitted to the ethos of your brand, get in touch with BPAK today.