11 September 2020

Branded SIM Card Packaging and Self-Service Shopping

SIM Card Packaging
Sell remotely

Globally, SIM cards are being increasingly sold as self-serviced items – grab-and-go if you like. With the current pandemic affecting our shopping behaviours as well as what staff can and can’t do, businesses are more reliant on messaging to sell their product. Many SIM card brands want their teams to actively sell face to face, to upgrade accounts and do what they were doing face-to-face but right now this is not always possible. Pandemic or not, this way of shopping is here to stay. Research shows that Click and Collect is set to grow to almost £10 billion by the year 2023 showing that people want a fast way of shopping, convenient without the need for much interaction. With this in mind, now is the time to up your game on SIM card packaging; excite, inspire, educate and make your customers want to sign up.


We have worked with major brands such as T Mobile to create an innovative SIM card packaging solution that does just this. With print and fulfilment partners in the US, UK, EU and Asia we have all corners covered which ensures our customers’ product is always available and always on time. Let’s take you through how we worked with them to give you an idea of how we can help drive brand loyalty and sales for your SIM cards.




The brief with T-Mobile was to design a fun and exciting Pay-As-You-Go SIM card pack that would catch the eye of shoppers and create a unique experience for the user. Another requirement for our design was to ensure the packs were not only visually enticing but also efficiently designed to maximise the volume of packs on the peg.



Our service for T-Mobile included full concept and design as well as package design and manufacture, including assembly of information collateral, SIM card and barcodes, to allow the product to be ready once delivered to their distribution centre.



In Nashville we have a specialized facility that enabled us to provide a service which incorporates end to end fulfilment requiring no additional agencies. In addition to our work with T-Mobile, we also provide a similar service for Verizon that makes them stand out from the crowd, plus a fulfilment service for Vodafone New Zealand to ensure a smooth and efficient ready-for-sale product.