30 April 2021

Business Packaging Improves Sales

Better Sales Statistics

Business packaging is what makes or breaks your sales – we know this, you know this and we want to make sure that your customers are amazed by your product, (and of course your packaging) so that they keep coming back to your brand.  After all, you need to keep driving those sales year on year. Although great business packaging is going to cost more than basic, no-frills packaging we have no doubt that it is an investment. Great business packaging boosts sales and pays for itself time and time again, we’d like to show you how.



When your customer walks into any store they are confronted by hundreds of choices. There are shelves after shelves filled with what is, to all intents and purposes, the same products. That being the case why do some brands outsell others so dramatically? We’d like to suggest it’s all down to the packaging. When a consumer is browsing you have just 7 seconds to grab their attention. Miss it and they move on. The quality of your packaging is what draws consumers to your product and wins their attention.


A reflection of quality

Your business packaging doesn’t just act as an attention grabber. Once you have their attention, you need your packaging to give a message. Bland, boring, generic packaging suggests that what’s inside is also bland, boring and generic. The best business packaging speaks about your brand and reflects its quality. Whether it is a SIM card, a bank card, or a gift card, your business packaging gives an impression of the service you are likely to deliver. It needs to shout quality, excitement, and reliability.


Developing recognition

The best business packaging is instantly recognisable. If your business is looking to build a loyal customer base, one that returns and recommends then your packaging is a vital element of this. You don’t want consumers spending valuable time searching a display for your product. Having been wowed before, they should be able to recognise your brand in an instant and go straight back to it. Poorly designed business packaging is too easily forgotten and with it so is your brand.


Build your brand with BPAK

At BPAK, we are the experts when it comes to creating great business packaging. Our portfolio shows the brands that we have worked with and exactly what we have achieved for them. We are in a world where competition is forever on the rise. Great business packaging is not an expense for your business, it is a sound investment and one where you’ll see an impressive ROI. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we can help to build your brand.