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Amazon Gift Card Package

Gift Card Packaging

Amazon is currently one of the top ten companies in the Fortune 500 list, alongside market leaders like Apple and Walmart.

When they decided to hire us, they wanted a product that would delight and surprise their customers.

During our concept phase, we created ten unique designs that would transcend the standard card packaging to inspire their customers and invoke a little magic.

Four designs were selected to move forward into design and manufacture and the end results were gift cards for Easter and Christmas Holiday seasons as well as two branded Amazon ‘smile’ packs.

Amazon continues to stock our designs which allow their customers to select during their gift card purchase, any time of the year.


The seasonal designs, in particular, have created quite a stir with their customers…

There are so many gift card options available, and let’s admit it…gift cards aren’t always a very exciting gift. However, if you’re going to give a gift card, you might as well enclose it in a cute package like this that will bring a smile to the recipient’s face.


I loved the super cute penguin and the way the eyes move as your opening to see the card. I’m so excited to give it to my sister in law for Christmas!


Impossibly cute. Versatile too, I think – when asked to choose from several designs, my teenage son picked this one out to give as a gift to another teenager, and I think it would work equally well for a child or an adult with an appreciation for the whimsical.


These slider gift cards are beautiful. They are a unique style that I love. I ordered 14 of these for gifts and all slide smooth and look great.


This was a novel and delightful way to give someone an Amazon gift card. The material is quality material, and the movement of the penguin eyes as it opens up was quite charming.

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