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Von Maur

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A prestigious department store chain established in 1887; Von Maur stores have now spread out of Iowa where the company was founded and can now be found in 15 states across the US. Selling brands such as Adidas, Urban Outfitters and Hugo Boss – to name a few.

In 2017 we were asked to provide design and manufacture services for Von Maur’s new gift card PAK. The PAK we assisted in creating directly incorporated every part of their brand, and while the design in their brief was specific, a number of our suggestions were incorporated. For example, changing the cord to a ribbon to give the PAK a more luxurious feel.  

To date we have provided Von Maur with half a million gift card PAKs that can be seen in-store and online. Enabling their customers to have a piece of packaging that elevates their chosen gift card into a high quality present with endless potential.

Von Maur Case Study

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