14 June 2021

4 Reasons To Have Bank Card Packaging

Bank Card Packaging
Bank Card Packaging

If you know anything about us, you’ll know that at BPAK we provide packaging that has a WOW factor. When it comes to packaging for debit and credit cards, we know a thing or two about what works. As the team at Verizon and T Mobile will vouch, we’ve got the art of producing great bank card packaging down to a tee. Here’s a look at the top 4 reasons why bank card packaging matters: 


4 Reasons To Have Credit & Debit Bank Card Packaging


Standing out from the crowd

The growth of FinTech companies means that there are now more credit and debit cards than ever before. Customers are literally spoilt for choice. If they choose your product, wouldn’t it be great if they shared with their friends how great you are? Effective bank card packaging can do just that. No one gets excited about a bank card arriving stuck to a piece of paper! When your card arrives in attention-grabbing packaging, you’re already showing that you are different. When you are unique and original, customers spread the word – especially with social media. Getting all eyes on your product is easy when you have the right design for your packaging. It’s an area we excel in.  


Creating loyalty

Consumers want to feel special. If you want your customers to stick around you need to make an effort for it to be worth their while. Providing great quality bank card packaging is an important first step. Why does loyalty matter when it comes to banks and cards? Research shows that: 


  • 61% of UK adults change their account at some point  
  • 26% change their accounts every 3-5 years 
  • When it comes to Generation Z, a whopping 57% change accounts within 2 years  


Bespoke packaging for your products can increase the loyalty of your customers. You are showing them from the start that you know they deserve more than just a piece of paper with a card stuck to it! 

The unboxing experience

As various YouTube videos suggest, people love to open packages. What makes the experience even better is when you have packaging that generates a buzz. Your customers will already know that your packaging contains their bank card, but the thrill of opening this is so much more than your average provider gives. Allowing your customers to enjoy themselves in the unboxing experience shows that your company is anything but average.  


Brand building

The packaging that you choose for your credit and debit cards speaks volumes about your company, especially since it may be that your customers have had no interaction with a member of staff. It is highly likely that accounts have been opened online with no need to speak to a human. That means that your customer may have already interacted with your web presence. The next time there is any contact with you as a company is when they get their hands on their brand new card. The bank card packaging that they see will tell them exactly what your brand is all about.  

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