25 March 2021

6 Reasons Why Customers Love Loyalty Cards And Loyalty Card Packaging

A few weeks ago we shared 10 reasons why your business needs a loyalty card. Today let’s focus on the customer or client and why they would want one. How it helps them choose where to shop but also how it makes them feel. This experience is important to us at BPAK; from the second they receive their loyalty card in our loyalty card packaging they should feel something whether that be joy or humour. This is our expertise – providing packaging that does that for your customers.


Here are just 6 reasons why your customers would love a loyalty card (and in turn why you as a business should provide them with one).


People like to be rewarded

Sounds obvious but everyone likes to be rewarded. Research shows that 84% of customers are likely to shop somewhere offering a loyalty card, and this is because we want to feel valued which this type of programme does. This reward can be anything from targeted deals based on the data that they provide to you, or a freebie once they have shopped with you a set amount of times.


They will get rewards that they actually want

Using the data that the card gives you, you can target the customer with offers that they actually want rather than what you want to sell, based on their shopping habits and their demographics. This is in turn makes them more loyal and more likely to spread the word about their great experience to their friends and family.


The rewards are instant

By offering a free coffee or a percentage off your products as a reward, your customers can enjoy them straight away. Yes of course they have to shop with you to earn that, but for many, they would be doing this anyway. Getting rewards for doing something repeatedly that you want to do, will again make them feel valued. Leading to better loyalty. Win, Win.


The customer’s effort is small

Not only can they get rewarded fast, but they also don’t have to do much for it. There is no competition to complete or multiple steps to follow; simply stay loyal and keep shopping. This ease makes it a no-brainer for a customer to be part of.


Loyalty Card for Delta Airlines

They will get the best deal for them

Your loyalty card will leave them feeling like they are getting the best deal for them. If they feel this, they are less likely to shop around your competitors. This is down to the offers or rewards you create based on the data you collect.


They feel valued

And finally, all of the above points lead to your customers feeling valued. This is felt both physically and emotionally when they receive and then use your loyalty card.

This starts at the loyalty card packaging stage and goes through to how you communicate with them going forward. It is about setting your brand values at this early stage and ensuring that they feel what you want them to feel.


Our loyalty card packaging can help with this. From clients such as Amazon through to Delta Airlines, we create packaging that makes customers feel valued, leading to better loyalty. Making them smile with sliding eyes penguin packaging or bringing in a sense of nostalgia by sharing your history; we create packs that are memorable.