10 November 2020

Gift Cards For Every Occasion

Gift Card Packaging
Every Occasion Packaging

Gift cards are a great way to show that you care. Personalizing a design that gives your team, customer or client an experience as well as the gift itself takes the experience to the next level. Together with you, we can design something unique and fun for your business that makes the gift a secondary concern. Here are a few personalized gift card from Christmas to corporate to give you some inspiration.


Corporate Gift Card Ideas

When giving a personalized gift card to a client or customer, you may well want the packaging itself to act as a reminder of your company, its values and what you do. Each time they see it, whether it is in their handbag or on their desk, they will clearly see your logo, brand colours and messaging. They will remember you and hopefully then rebook you or buy from you in the months to come.

This type of gift card is usually a B2B gift card so the overall feel is a bit more serious. The great news is that our slider packaging will be something they are unlikely to have seen before; leaving a lasting impression.


Christmas Gift Card Ideas

Many companies choose to give their team or recent clients gift cards at Christmas to say Thank You. This is a great time to personalize it by adding a festive feel – making it more about the timing than your business messaging. You can of course still add a brand message or branding itself – or tie them all together with one overall Christmas message.


Animal Gift Card Ideas

Brighten someone’s day with our novelty animal gift cards – from penguins with eyes that move when you open it, to pop up rabbits. Our award-winning designs really make the most of the gift card experience by adding a bit of joy to the proceedings. Here is what one happy customer said:“My son loves penguins. As I was looking at the different gift cards to purchase for my nieces I saw this one and had to get one for him. He loved it. It’s like two presents in one, not only is the Amazon gift card wonderful, but the card container is awesome. Thank you, Amazon for all the different gift card choices.”


Occasion Gift Card Ideas

Maybe you want a gift card that you can give out to customers, employees or clients for birthdays, to say “Thanks” or as one-off gifts. This is where an occasion gift card works as you can simply write your message onto the card without losing the wow factor of our slider packaging. Add images of balloons, presents or even generic words such as Celebrate – all of which can be used multiple times, for multiple people.


Other Fun Personalized Gift Card Ideas

These are just a few ideas but the great news is we can work together to create your vision for your gift cards. There is an opportunity for novelty but maintaining a true sense of brand identity like this gift bag idea we created for Von Maur who is an upscale online department store. They offer gift packaging so it made sense to create gift cards that aligned with this.