30 January 2023

Home Run: Branding

Home Run - the importance of branding

Branding is the reason that consumers buy certain products over others. It’s the reason that some products are used by celebrities and others not. A brand represents a lifestyle, an entire aesthetic that buyers either align with or not. If they do then the brand affords the consumer a community and an aspirational image; something which is becoming more and more important as social media becomes the main purchasing, promotion and research forum for buyers.


What is the importance of branding? Well, here are some statistics:

  • Color improves brand recognition by 80%
  • The logo is the most visually distinctive part of a brand
  • ⅓ of customers have a brand in mind when they go shopping
  • 64% of consumers will buy a product after watching a branded video
  • 65% of consumers will buy from brands that they emotionally connect with
  • A brand has approximately 0.5 seconds to make a first impression
  • 86% of consumers say that brand authenticity is key
  • 93% of consumers say that the first purchase decides if they continue the relationship with the brand


Apple, Nike and Nintendo are the top 3 brands which Americans connect with. When you look at these three names, instantly a very specific image is connected to each and you know what they are all for. Palette, logo, design…all are very specific and create a cohesive brand image that stays in the mind of the consumer even if they have never purchased anything from these brands.


What are the main issues facing brands today as they evolve into the digital age:

  • Climate Change

The main issues which consumers are concerned about revolve around climate change and the impact which companies have on the environment

  • Community 

The importance of community is pushing brands to create a version of themselves that is no longer aspirational but very realistic and in touch with the current markets as well as consumer pools

  • Ethics 

Consumers want brands to care about something more than their bottom line, so more and more companies are becoming champions of one cause or another. But consumers know when they’re being played, and brands which do something just to look good rather than because it’s what they believe in will not only lose clientele but often be held accountable by watchdogs.


As the market moves more and more into the digital age, brands will need to find ways to interact with their clientele beyond mainstream advertising. Marketing will need to be interactive, it will need to be entirely relatable to the audience and connect to the individual – considering more and more consumers are looking for personalization. 75% of marketers say that personalization increases engagement – and as the Metaverse takes over marketing it’s going to become more important.


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