7 January 2021

How Loyalty Card Packaging Improves Customer Retention In 2021

Loyalty Card Packaging Improves Customer Retention

The more customers you have, the more sales you will make but retaining those customers so they purchase over and over again is key to better profits and growth. You also can spend less time marketing or advertising to find new customers which save money and time. Why not consider personalised loyalty card packaging that creates an unboxing experience as part of your 2021 customer retention plan. They can help your business grow and here are just three reasons how.



Introduce a loyalty card or referral scheme that customers will love

A loyalty card does so much for your business; from encouraging customers to try new things, to shopping repeatedly with you and giving you data on their spending habits. But it also makes them stay with you. Building points to be able to get a bonus or freebie is a tried and tested feature of retail businesses but can also work on service-based businesses. Here is more information on how a loyalty card can improve your business.


Gain their loyalty from the offset through personalised packaging

Personalised packaging shows that you care about your customers, share your brand values and key messages; they see this the second they open it. Research shows that returning customers spend an average of 33% more per order than other customers so it is your job to create this loyalty as soon as you can. We can help with our tried and tested loyalty card packaging which will grab their attention fast.


Create an experience when they receive their loyalty card

64% of customers say experiences are more important than prices therefore businesses need to consider how their customers will feel when they receive your loyalty card. Instead of simply gluing it onto a piece of paper, consider interactive packaging that will catch their eye and make them smile. This will lead to them remembering you better and potentially telling their friends and family. You never know; they may create an unboxing video on their social media and tag your business in!


Here are a few more reasons to show you the importance of customer retention and how loyalty plays a key part:

  • Research shows the chances of selling to an existing customer are between 60-70%. For new customers, that figure drops to 5-20%. (Altfield)
  • Customers in loyalty programs spend 12-18% more per year than other customers (Fundera)
  • 60% of loyal customers will talk about their favourite brands with people in their social circles. (Yotpo)