4 February 2021

How we can support your business packaging

We have a varied customer base here at BPAK: from telecom companies to banks to department stores. Because of this, we thought we would share some of our favourite business packaging designs with you today, to give you a feel of what we do. From bank card packaging through to loyalty card packaging, our aim is to provide a great customer experience that is memorable.


Bank Card Packaging

When you receive a bank card, whether it is a debit or credit card, it usually arrives stuck to a piece of paper. We are sure that the recipient does not even read it! Our bank card packaging is eye-catching, branded with your colours and logos as well as communicating any other key information. Receiving a card in this way makes it more exciting and the customer feels more valued. Here is the packaging we designed and manufactured for Starling Bank. The dynamic card packaging provides a memorable experience and is a simple yet playful solution.


SIM Card Packaging

When you receive a new SIM card it often arrives in a small, plain envelope. Sometimes it can arrive on a piece of branded card. With both these options, the customer is left feeling underwhelmed. This is why we have designed an innovative design that makes the SIM card the star of the show. Here are just a few of the global brands that we have worked with: T Mobile, Verizon, Vodafone, Boost Mobile to name a few.


Loyalty Card Packaging

When you receive a loyalty card, it often has no packaging at all. We feel that those businesses are missing the opportunity to reinforce brand values and again make the customer feel special. We want to make sure we incorporate your brand’s message with our business packaging designs to give a meaningful experience for your customers. Here is a design we delivered for Delta Airlines.

We were given carte blanche to design the perfect partner for this most unusual card, with the only specification that the card was to be seen through the packaging. The design process took three months to perfect and the final product was a storybook of the jet’s history showcasing the iconic plane once the pack was opened, with the loyalty card as the centrepiece.

The pack design and aluminium card is now a collectables item that marks Delta Airline’s history of one of their now retired DC-9 jet.


Gift Card Packaging

When you receive a gift card, whether as a gift from a friend or as a reward, again the packaging is underwhelming. The standard is to simply put the card into an envelope or for it to be attached to a small branded card. Giving the gift of money for an occasion should be a fun experience which is why we have designed penguin cards with moving eyes for Amazon or packs that look like bunnies for Easter for M&S.

As you can see, our mission is to create experiences for customers. If you feel your cards deserve better business packaging then get in touch here or via Linked in here.


Our mission is to create experiences for customers. If you feel your cards deserve better packaging then contact us.

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