17 December 2020

Is Your Packaging Ready For The Unboxing Experience?


We are all spending more time online with online purchases forecasted to reach 30% of all retail sales this year compared to 21.8% in 2019. Of course, this is due to spending half the year in lockdown, however, this purchasing behaviour is unlikely to change as we have come to expect lightning-fast delivery without leaving the comfort of our homes. With this, there has also been a rise in consumers wanting an unboxing experience; to be able to make videos of their new purchases on social media especially Instagram Stories, YouTube and Tik Tok.

Unboxing was once the territory of the influencer or blogger, sharing their thoughts on a product – warts and all – but now is done by anyone and everyone. While you may not have heard of the term, it is worth sharing that right now on YouTube there are 145,000,000 videos with unboxing in the title and appears in the dictionary with the definition: an act or instance of removing a newly purchased product from its packaging and examining its features, typically when filmed and shared on a social media site.

With this in mind, any business designing and creating business packaging for any product needs to ensure it can deliver for this unboxing experience. We specialise in bank card packaging, SIM card packaging, loyalty card packaging, and gift card packaging – all of which can be unboxed either privately or publicly. Here are some questions to ask yourself to ensure the WOW factor is there from the offset.


What is the first impression of the packaging?

Someone unboxing your product will share the entire journey from opening the box or envelope to reviewing the product inside. Therefore the first impression matters; they are also likely to discuss and review the pack. Ask yourself what you want that first impression to be. Funny? Luxurious?

Make sure that your business packaging is easy to open so the unboxing is made to look effortless.


Is it immediately clear who the brand is?

The person watching the unboxing video needs to know who the brand is straight away – so make sure all branding is visible. This can be from the logo itself to fonts and colours. Of course the unboxer is likely to tell their audience who the business is, but you want your packaging to work alongside this. Many videos are watched with the sound off, so your logo needs to be obvious.


Have you conveyed your core values?

We often talk about showcasing your values on your packaging so the consumer “gets you” and feels aligned with you. Ideally, the unboxer will see this and communicate it – for example, if you are all about making people feel good then you want the unboxer to appreciate it, communicate it, and ultimately to feel good!


Is your packaging memorable?

Once the unboxer gets to the product you don’t want the viewer to forget the packaging and who it is from. So is it memorable? Consider adding visuals or a mechanism that is fun and has stand out from your competitors such as our penguin gift card pack that we designed for Amazon.


Is it enough to make viewers want one?

Finally, ask yourself whether the packaging and everything surrounding it are good enough for the viewer to want one. Of course, they will be steered by the unboxer, but ideally you want it to look so good that they want one anyway.