27 February 2023

It’s The Little Things: Unboxing


When it comes to building a great unboxing experience, there are a few elements that will help you to stand out from competitors and build a high quality look for your brand. In this article we’re going to break down our top 3 secrets to a great unboxing experience, ¬†that will retain your customers and give them a great lifetime value within your brand.


The unboxing experience is one that gets viral attention. Unboxing videos have seen a 57% rise since 2021 and 1 in 3 consumers have watched an unboxing video. This means that while an unboxing video can make a sale, it can also break a potential sale if the creator doesn’t like the way that you’ve packaged your product. Not knowing which customer will be doing an unboxing video or not, means that every single package your brand ships needs to be the highest possible quality – every customer has a smartphone, every customer has the ability to influence your brand’s sales. While the saying ‘all press is good press’ can be applied to some situations, brand awareness is not one of them and while brand awareness increases by 70% with an unboxing video that can be good or bad associations. The amount of trust that consumers put in influencers to make purchasing choices for them should make brands think twice before they put packaging at the bottom of their priorities list.



Add an insert. This can be a coupon, a personalized note, instructions, a brand leaflet or sticker to elevate the experience and surprise customers with something that makes them feel valued. If customers feel that they’ve got something for ‘free’ they’re more likely to see your brand as giving back as much as you get, making a small investment into your packaging will pay dividends in the retention and subsequent lifetime value of your customer.



89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values. So make sure that in the unboxing experience your brand’s values are front and center, this will be obvious to your customers not only through the product they have bought but also the materials which are used for the packaging and the parts that comprise the unboxing experience. If your customer loves what they’ve got, encourage them to share their experience on social media with the chance to be featured on your page.



Give clients what they want – a high quality experience that represents the best of the brand they’ve just bought into. If they’ve bought into you because your ethics or lifestyle match their aspirations, make sure that’s in your packaging.


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