22 May 2023

Light Bulb: Packaging Ideas

Packaging ideas

What are the ideas that take your packaging from a good silent salesman, to a great silent salesman?

When it comes to the ideas you try to generate for your packaging, sometimes it helps if there’s some inspiration close to hand. In this latest article from BPAK we’re going to be helping you to come up with ideas that not only make your product stand out but also help to give your brand the best marketing opportunities available.

First of all though, how does advertising and marketing link into packaging? Whatever you put on your advertising comes from your marketing and whatever is in your marketing should be making its way onto your packaging. Your branding is everything that you say in your advertising and marketing, and everything that you get onto your packaging too. 

To have effective advertising you must also have effective marketing, and a key part of your marketing strategy is found in your packaging. How your packaging looks, who it appeals to, what it has the potential to achieve and where you are focusing your brand on it. 

For example, are you an eco-focused company focusing your efforts on sustainable material choices? Are you all for making things as cheap as possible for your customers so you’re looking for something that will help them to meet their budgets? Are you focusing on aesthetics and putting lots of time into the design of your product packaging? Whatever you’re wanting to focus on here’s our 5 step plan to come up with some ideas for how your packaging will look. 


Step One:

Who is your brand? What is your ‘why’? List the top 5 words that make your brand what it currently is, do you see a link between the words? If you could pick out one element of your brand that is the most important, what would it be? Doing this gives you a good idea of the DNA of your brand, everything that happens below the surface but makes you who you are.

Step Two:

No matter what the words you came up with were, now make a mindmap of the design elements of your brand. What is the color, the rhetoric, the brand style? From this collection of information you should now be building a physical image of your brand’s more visual elements.

Step Three:

Who is your audience? The people you are trying to reach are going to have a huge influence on your packaging, not only on your materials but also on how the packaging looks. Also bear in mind that there are changes happening in legislation across the globe, specifically in relation to plastic. Plastic packaging tax is having a huge influence on how companies are packaging their products, for example in America the tax is going to increase 5 cents every year per pound of plastic. Your packaging is incredibly important when it comes to getting the right audience, and a set of repeat customers who will keep coming back or at least stay loyal to your brand. When it comes to who your brand is wanting to appeal to, ensure you do customer research and also check on how the choices you make for your packaging are going to affect your customer’s view of your brand. 


Turn your packaging from a silent salesman that occasionally gets noticed to a well-known and recognized brand element. Whether you are selling via social commerce, e-commerce or on the high street, your packaging should be the first point of contact for a customer and one that instantly makes them want to make that final transaction. 


When it comes to your brand’s product packaging, ensure that you know who your customers are and how your packaging impacts sales as well as brand recognition. To find out more about how to make your packaging as effective as possible and to begin redesigning your card packaging for your products, get in touch with the BPAK team today.