18 March 2021

5 Ways To Make Your Loyalty Card Successful

Loyalty Card Packaging
Loyalty Card Success

For any business thinking of creating a loyalty card scheme to improve customer retention and make more revenue, you need to take a moment to consider how to make it successful. By considering these before you launch, or indeed before you even create the card itself, it is more likely to meet your KPIs and be well received by your customers.

Here are 5 things to consider that will make your loyalty card a success.


Delta Airlines Loyalty Card

Loyalty card for Delta Airlines


Personalise your loyalty card programme

When communicating your loyalty programme you need to focus on how it will help the customer and not just you. You need to focus on what they will want, and how the programme and rewards will benefit them and base your marketing around this. This way, the scheme becomes a no brainer to join. Remember that it is not just about money off, it should be about how it can help them day to day. Once you have established what that is, ensure it is communicated on your packaging, signage and all your marketing. Lead with the value it gives them, and the transformation that follows.


Educate your customers

You need to take time to educate your customers on how the loyalty card works so that they get the best out of it. This should be done at the start of the process. We suggest that you do this via the packaging which of course sets the scene for the whole loyalty card experience. You can then follow that up by email or text. Education is not just about communicating what you want them to do though – it is also about helping them learn, answering their questions and supporting them with any pain points. Why not spend time focusing on upskilling them around your product? For example, if you are a food retailer, you could provide them with recipes. If you are a clothing boutique, provide them with styling ideas. This, in turn, will lead to increased loyalty and ultimately sales.


Delta Airlines Loyalty Card


Reward your customer’s behaviors

Loyalty cards are not designed just to get more sales. They are also, when done right, a great way to learn about your customer’s behaviors through their spending habits. They give you their data to support you with product design so you in turn should reward them for this. A simple yet effective reward is to give them something for free. For example, giving them the tenth drink free; encouraging them to buy nine therefore rewarding them for this repeat business. An alternative to giving away items for free is to invite them to something extra such as a launch event or to enter them into a competition.


Give your customers exclusivity

Providing early bird access to your launches or exclusive money-off deals will mean that they want to stay shopping with you. By making it exclusive, they have a reason to join in the first place but will also feel valued. This, in turn, increases loyalty plus they are more likely to spread the word about your programme to their friends and family.


Surprise your customers often

You should surprise and delight your customers from the moment they receive their loyalty cards. The easiest way to do this is by the packaging; adding your card to packs that will make your customer feel special or make them smile will create an unboxing experience that is memorable. However, you also need to keep surprising them, so they want to continue to shop with you after the initial excitement has waned. This can be done by sending out ad-hoc offers and promotions to them when they are not expecting it. Even a Thank You email or text will create that sense of delight.


Your loyalty card packaging plays such an important part in this process; from surprising them at the start, to communicating how the scheme works. It reinforces your branding and your values. If it sits on a shelf, it also needs to stand out. The great news is that we are experts at this – we create loyalty card packaging that meets your business needs as well as your customer’s needs.