30 October 2020

Make Your Brand Memorable With Personalized Packaging

Personalised Packaging

We specialise in personalized packaging here at BPAK; from creating great customer experiences to better brand loyalty, together we can create memories. We thought we would share some of our key products with you today, to give you a better view of what we can do for your business.

Personalized Gift Card Packaging

Are you looking for a better way to present your gift card? Our award-winning designs make the most of the gift card experience by wrapping your card up as a gift and not just a plastic card. Or one of those simply attached to a basic card.

We’ve designed personalized packaging for the likes of Amazon and M&S so you are in safe hands.

Branded SIM Card Packaging

But not just basic SIM card packaging! We design and create an elevated branded product that helps give that great experience and brings you better loyalty and repeat business.

We continue to lead the market with our highly flexible print and fulfilment services coupled with our outstanding customer service and attention to detail. Making your phone company stand out from the crowd with this unique mechanism to deliver the humble SIM card and make it the star of the show.

Our previous clients for personalised packaging SIM cards include T Mobile, Vodafone and Verizon.


Corporate Gift Card Packaging

So many companies are seeing the benefits of rewarding staff and customers with Gift Cards. At BPAK not only do we supply you with the leading Gift Cards, but we also specialise in making the most of the Gift Card experience with our award-winning bespoke Gift Card Packaging.

We have worked with JCPenney and Amazon to name a few on their personalised packaging.


Personalized Bank Card Packaging

Your customers will get a memorable experience with our dynamic debit or credit card packaging. It’s a simple yet playful solution that your customers will love and more importantly, remember.

We want to help brands give the best experience possible to their customers. This is why we capture your brand message with our bespoke card packaging to get your customers coming back for more.

Loyalty Cards

What better way to reward (and value) your customer than by going the extra mile to make them feel special with our unique loyalty card packaging? The on brand, on message, VIP treatment for loyal customers.

So if you are looking to attract more customers, and more importantly, keep them as customers for longer – do consider our personalized packaging.