14 July 2023

Mission Impossible: e-SIM Packaging

e-SIM Card Packaging
Mission Impossible, packaging e-SIMs

Packaging the e-SIM might seem an impossible task and one that is a complete waste of time, money and effort. After all, why should you be packaging a product that is invisible and can be activated online or via your brand’s app? 


But you are forgetting that lots of your current customers don’t use the internet to order their data plans, and if they come in-store you can probably up-sale. Lots of your potential customers are searching for data plans in airports, unsure how to use the power of their e-SIM abroad. Lots of your potential customers are looking for your brand’s data plan, but they aren’t looking for it online. 


Part of the appeal of the e-SIM is that it doesn’t require customers to change it to be able to switch networks. Whereas you used to have  That doesn’t mean that you can’t 


So, why should you have physical packaging for your e-SIM plans? Here are the three reasons:


01: It Allows Your Customer To Physically Connect With Your Brand

Without packaging your customer’s only way of connecting with your brand is via your website or app. However, that’s assuming that they have reliable internet and the ability to connect their phone to your app.


02: The e-SIM Will Be More Competitive For Operators

If you are a network looking into the e-SIM data plans, and it’s in your best interests if you do, the first thing you need to know is that the consumer will have more power, and brands will become more competitive. How do you set yourself apart from the herd? With high quality packaging that not only gives your customers an easy way to connect to the network but also offers a guide on what to expect from an e-SIM, how to reconnect to the network if you switch and how your brand is going to support them with these technological advancements.


03: Come Fly With Me, Come Fly, Let’s Fly Away

The only real reason why consumers will be switching networks is because they need different coverage for where they are going which their current network doesn’t supply. It could be that the coverage literally doesn’t go to their destination, or prices are too high, or it’s only going to allow them a limited amount of calls/texts/data. Whatever the reason, having your e-SIM connector packed into a neat little piece of packaging is going to mean that you can reach a whole new audience.


When it comes to the e-SIM and the newer i-SIM, it might be tempting to skip packaging your plans, since both SIMs are no longer physically given to the customer at the point of sale. However, just because both of these can’t be seen or physically put into your customer’s phone doesn’t mean that you have to skip the packaging stage altogether. If you’re looking for e-SIM packaging solutions get in touch with the BPAK team today.