11 May 2021

Your Packaging Can Increase Customer Loyalty

Increase Customer Loyalty

Youre not looking for one-off customers. But creating and maintaining that loyalty is not simple by any means. Especially as consumers are bombarded daily with eye-catching marketing. What you need is something that stands out.

It is a well-known fact that the cost of attracting a new customer far exceeds that of retaining one. In fact, it costs 5 times as much so why would you not do all that you possibly can to generate customer loyalty? Here at BPAK were here to help you do just that and to help here are 4 key things to consider when designing your packaging. 



Be recognisable

The first time that one of your customers lays hands on your product you need to make an impact. That means that the next time they see one of your offerings, even from a distance, in an instant they know that it is yours. When youre identifiable youre also worth talking about and your customers will do just this. Customer loyalty comes from a base who loves your brand and spreads the message. 


Your product counts

We take every possible step to make sure that your packaging creates a buzz and leads to customer loyalty, but it is down to you to make sure that what is inside counts. Being wowed by the perfect packaging isnt enough on its own. The SIM card, bank or gift card inside matters too. Were sure that if youre here looking for great packaging and ways to increase customer loyalty then youve already cracked the product side of things. 



The sustainability factor

Generation Z is set to become the single biggest consumer group and right now its spending power is phenomenal. It is not just their spending habits that need to be considered. They are heavily influential in terms of how other generations spend. Customer loyalty from Gen Z can, in part, be gained by showing that the environment matters to your business. Our unique solutions can show that by doing away with the need for additional plastics.  



Setting the right price point

When seeking customer loyalty, the price point you set speaks volumes about your product. Too low, and youre cheap. Too high, and you become inaccessible. Your packaging carries huge weighting, its presentation has to be just right to reflect the image that your product is aiming to portray. The great thing about what we offer at BPAK is that it is cost-efficient because we manage the process end to end for you.


As well as building customer loyalty, great packaging can help you attract new customers and increase your sales across the board.