18 March 2021

6 reasons your packaging matters as much as your product

As a business, you are more than likely concentrating on your product; its look and feel, and whether it is fit for purpose. Of course, that matters hugely, but would you believe us when we say that your packaging matters just the same as the product? How you decide to package your product, no matter what that is, has a huge impact on your customer’s perception of your brand and what is inside. It can even make or break them deciding to buy it in the first place.

Here are 6 reasons why your packaging matters as much as your product.


SIM card packaging by BPAK


It is the first thing your customer sees

You customer will see your packaging before they see your product. This means that it can sway their decision, potentially leaving you without the sale. If they have bought online (so already committed to the purchase), your packaging is still the first thing they see. Ask yourself, what would you think if you received your packaging as it is now?


It sets the scene

Your packaging sets the scene for your customer. It shows them if your product is high-end or whether it is fun and silly. The ideal is that your packaging is aligned to the customer and the product simultaneously. For example, a brand like GHD box their hair straighteners in a box that screams luxury. You feel you are getting something special when you see the box, which of course you see before the product.


It becomes instantly recognisable

By creating stand-out packaging your customer will always recognise your products on the shelf. By creating packaging that always feels the same, let alone looks the same, your customer will automatically be drawn to it. Apple products are the perfect example of this. Their boxes all feel the same, from the finish to the simplicity.


Amazon gift card packaging by BPAK


It communicates who you are

Your packaging is the perfect opportunity to add branding, logos, and colours that help to communicate to the customer who you are. Sometimes the product cannot do that, so this is where your packaging design choices really matter.


It shares what you are about as a brand

Even more important than communicating who you are, your packaging can communicate what you care about. What is important to you as a brand and therefore what is important to the customer. Use the packaging to share your values; this can be anything from using sustainable materials to sharing your chosen charity.


It leaves a lasting impression

Your packaging design will stay with your customer – they will remember it. And for many, they will keep it and store the item inside it. Again back to Apple – how many of us keep their boxes?


These points are valid for any product. We, of course, specialise in gift card, loyalty card, SIM card, and bank card packaging which of course is different from a hair straightener box, but the principles are exactly the same.