26 August 2020

How To Reward Your Team, Clients and Customers

Team, clients and customers

Gift cards are a great way to say thank you to someone, from employees to clients that you have worked with, or your loyal customers. You can choose a product or service that they will love such as a restaurant/cinema/fashion gift card, or choose your own corporate gift card. Rather than simply buying them from a retailer and putting them in an envelope, or taking them out of your current stock holding – why not personalize them with a message alongside your branding in a special pack unique to you?


At BPAK, we create personalized corporate gift card packs and more – with designs your recipient will love and more importantly, remember. Our award-winning designs make the most of the experience by wrapping your card up as a gift, which benefits you as the brand and makes your team/client/customer feel special. Win, Win right?


Here is how it works:



We work together to fully understand your business, your objective, and your market so that your gift card product is right for everyone. It needs to be practical and economical as well as meet your timelines and expectations. This is where we propose designs that are on brand and innovative but also play to the hearts and minds of the receiver. It needs to make them feel special! We always fulfill your brief and create something new and exciting.



We have been designing and manufacturing packaging for many, many years which means we know the best manufacturers in the world who will make a superior product at a competitive price. We take the worry away by managing the whole process end to end so that the final corporate gift card that you receive meets your initial objective.



The final stage is delivering all your gift cards in their fabulous packaging to you, so you can gift them to anyone and everyone that deserves one.


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