23 September 2020

Remote Telecom Sales Boost Branded Packaging

SIM Card Packaging

Telecom retailers are used to their staff up-selling or cross-selling to customers when they come in to buy a SIM card – to sell them a better phone or a bigger contract. But many shops are closed right now, resulting in SIM cards being sent through the post, or being a Grab and Go purchase with less face to face to selling. So businesses are at risk of losing sales and potential customers. Therefore they need to look to new ways of selling to them.

With your SIM card packaging you can do this.


  1. Create strong brand loyalty
  2. Make the experience memorable (think of all those first-time, mobile buyers)
  3. Promote other offers or upgrades

Our SIM card packing with your branding fulfils the first two points. We brand it to your guidelines and design the lasting impression that you need. But you can also sell through our packaging.

6 sides of potential messaging comes with our packaging and can have the Call To Action text of your choosing. Here are just a few ideas to cross-promote or up-sell using our BPAK Paks.



  • Offer a free guide or incentive to get them to sign up for your mailing list.
  • Share your latest offer or promotion with a URL link.
  • Add a QR code linked to a new deal.
  • Add a customer testimonial sharing how great your service is.
  • Add money off deal especially for new customers.
  • Add your social media links.
  • Add a small tick box comparing the features and benefits of your packages.
  • Add a ‘Refer A Friend’ offer.
  • Add hints and tips for using your products.
  • Even sell advertising for related products such as phones, chargers and phone cases.