3 February 2023

The Three C’s: Packaging

Three C's for packaging

What packaging helps to create is:

  • Connection
  • Conversion
  • Conversation


Every day you buy a product that comes in some sort of packaging. Whether it’s food, packaging, stationary, technology or a book. That packaging probably spends less than 10 seconds on the product once it’s been purchased, but it is a huge part of the reason for you making the decision to buy. You either connect to the brand via the name itself and what it represents to you, or you connect to the brand as a first-time buyer because of some element which stands out to you and connects to your aspirations/needs. 

Each of the three C’s plays a different role in securing sales for your brand, but have you ever thought about how integral packaging is to all of these? If we told you that you could only put your products in blank packaging – what would that do for your sales? Probably nothing good. 

What about if you correlated all of your market and customer research, combined that with your branding and created a high quality, optimized piece of packaging that gets the attention of your target audience without needing high amounts of marketing/advertising to launch it? Tick!

But to get this you need a strong and loyal customer base who view your brand as a community. How do you get that? By connecting with your target audience, through creating content and an environment that they want to align themselves with.

How do you do that? Understand what they want with your market research, product research and competitor research; see where your brand sits within those requirements and decide how to niche down past what your competitors are offering.



Your packaging is the piece that makes it possible for the sales conversion to happen. Without it your potential customers aren’t going to be able to identify or compare products, find out more with the Silent Salesman blog on how to make your packaging work best for you. Remember you only have 0.5 seconds to make a first impression, and if you’re wanting to get a sale out of it – the first impression needs to catch attention and keep it.



That all-important conversion, the one that turns your product from a potential sale to a sold item. Your packaging is the most important element in that conversion, as well as reviews and the image of your brand. But it all comes down to the conversion, and if a customer is standing in a shop with two identical products in different packaging – you can bet they’ll choose the most visually appealing version.



Your packaging creates a conversation around your brand. And it is that conversation which will help to create more connections and conversions in the future. But you only want positive conversations, so the best option is to make sure that there’s nothing to complain about – how do you do that? Ensure that your marketing correlates to your packaging, which correlates to your product. So long as everything correlates, and the finished article is better than what consumers expect, then there’s nothing to complain about and if anything your reviews will be sparkling.


If you want to know more about how your packaging affects your sales take a look at the article Cart Abandonment on the BPAK blog.