8 July 2022

Top 3 Sustainably Packaged Products: 2022

Sustainable options

Sustainable packaging becomes more and more important for brands to incorporate into their business. The race to find the best alternatives to unethical materials is on, with 90% of CEO’s stating that sustainability is the key to continuing successfully as a business. Here are our Top 3 Sustainably Packaged Products for the moment; all factors including availability to customers, material choices and price are taken into consideration.



It’s summer 2022 and Carlsberg – the international beer brand – is trialing a new type of packaging with their Generation 2.0 Fibre Bottle. This new bottle has been produced by several partners of Carlsberg in the paper bottle industry including Paboco and Avantium. The new bottle is made from a bioplastic called PEF (Polyethene Furanoate).

Chemical formulation


The bottles are ‘bio-based’ with an outer layer of FSC certified wood fiber encasing a bio-polymer bottle that keeps the drink fresh. This is made possible by the insulation which the wood pulp creates, keeping the drink cool for longer than the glass or aluminum cans would. Every part of the bottle is recyclable, except for the cap.


Sprout World

An amazing invention with great repercussions, the Sprout pencils are 100% biodegradable and have a capsule in their end which contains seeds so you can plant your makeup and graphite pencils once you’re finished using them. The pencils use FSC wood and biodegradable tips for the seeds – the makeup pencils have vegan and cruelty free formulas which are allergy tested and whose ingredients are organically sourced.

production chart


Another breakthrough in the drinks industry comes from Packamama where the sustainable wine bottles of the future are being made. Vineyards such as Taylors Wines, Accolade Wines and Banrock Station just to name a few are using a flat bottle made from PET wine bottles – every part of the bottle is recyclable except the cap. This move is set to save Taylors 250,000km of road freight if they apply this new design to all of their wines. The design allows for more bottles per crate, saving money, time and emissions. 

Taken from Panamama

The recycled PET bottles are 9x lighter than regular bottles, they are also shatter-proof and food-safe with a shelf life of 19 to 21 months. As a product of a circular economy, Packamama’s bottle is reshaping the way that consumers and producers consume bottles – and the reasons why they do.


If your business wants to implement sustainable packaging options with internationally eco-certified materials, get in touch with the BPAK team today to find out how we can take your product packaging to the next level.