29 November 2021

Top 5 Advent Calendars: 2021

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Christmas Time

Now who doesn’t love an advent calendar? At BPAK we definitely do, there’s something wonderful about waking up to go to work in the cold dark December mornings and being able to get a little gift before facing the day. 

So here’s our Top 5 for 2021, taking into account design, products and pure decadence. Extravagant engineering, prestigious brands and pure indulgence – sensible doesn’t really enter into it when the festive season comes a-knocking…

Advent Calendar

Image from Unsplash


Our first advent calendar is on the more extravagant side – Porsche have priced their exclusive twenty five day calendar for £1 million. Standing at nearly two metres and made of brushed aluminium, this is the calendar that will get envious glances from everyone who sees it. So what does it include for such a high price? 

How about a Porsche rose gold watch, a custom-made Porsche kitchen and a custom motor yacht to get you started? Then just add 18 carat gold sunglasses, Porsche cufflinks and a pair of one of the most expensive trainers out there. 


Oh and there are only five of these available on the planet.

Porsche logo

Image from Unsplash



Which brand is synonymous with class, Parisian life, a wealth of influence and legendary history? A brand celebrating 100 years of the most iconic perfume on the planet? Which famous fashion brand has never made an advent calendar before 2021? 

Please welcome to the advent calendar market Chanel No5 – the most novel and long-awaited advent calendar that comes from the fashion and beauty couture house to make it’s debut this year.

Made in the shape of the iconic bottle, this calendar has twenty seven doors waiting to be opened – each one is linked to the scent and some of the products have been specially crafted for this calendar. 


A gorgeous collectors item centred around an iconic cult perfume…this calendar is a perfect blend of history, fashion, beauty and haute couture – all for £610.

Chanel bags

Image from Unsplash



The third calendar on our list is more affordable, less exclusive and has a long tradition behind it. Harrods presents the ‘even more magical’ ultimate beauty calendar. Worth £1,116 this is the ultimate beauty and cosmetic lover’s calendar – the best bit? There are more than 5 available in the world! This gorgeous piece comes with a range of products from brands such as C.E.O, Charlotte Tilbury and 111skin – and it’s all yours for £250. 

Harrods London

Image from Unsplash



Fourth on our list is the gorgeous and compact Estee Lauder advent calendar. With twelve boxes and twelve of their beautiful products, this is the perfect treat to wake up to. The products in the calendar include their Modern Muse perfume, a glossy nail polish and red lipstick to spice up your outfit for all those festive parties!

Do you need another reason to get this beautiful little treasure trove?

Red Lipstick

Image from Unsplash



Fortnum and Masons have a history of gorgeous advent calendars behind them already – and this year’s collection promises to continue that trend. 

With more than one to choose from at a range of prices from the affordable to the rather dear – you can definitely find something that suits you or your loved ones. We’re focusing on the design of their £165 Picadilly Musical Box – a house that comes with twenty four empty doors and is set to become a family heirloom, allowing for generations to choose what they put in this beautiful design. 


Image from Unsplash


Want to know more about what we can do to help your 2022 advent calendar shimmer and sparkle with festive cheer? Get in contact with us now and let’s get started!