11 April 2022

Unbox ’til You Drop: How To Harness The Power Of Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos can launch your product and provide a brand new audience

Unboxing videos have seen a 57% rise since last year. These videos: capture the unique excitement of opening a new package and exploring the contents, while providing useful first-impressions about the quality of a product. 

Who knew that people could love watching other people undo their online shopping orders so much? But if you want to increase your sales, your social media presence and your customer-base; then ensuring you are unboxing-ready is a must. 1 in 3 online shoppers have watched an unboxing video. As well as being attractive on the shelves of a shop and in the pictures of an e-commerce site, your product must now be utterly irresistible in its delivery presentation. Not just a way to safely transport your product to your customers, your product packaging should be so magnetic it not only makes your customers go ‘wow’, it must also translate this effect through the screen of various social media platforms to attract others. 

While this may sound a) impossible and b) a waste of time – we’re here to tell you a) brand awareness increases by 70% with an unboxing video and b) 61% of customers decide to buy a product after watching an unboxing video of it. 72% of customers watch an unboxing video to learn more about the product. This is why unboxing videos should be a mix of educational and promotional. 


  • Use these videos as a way to collaborate with other brands
  • Elevate your brand by engaging with your audience
  • Promote new and flagship products


Most of the products on the market are the same among competitors, the only difference is the way they are sold. What makes you different to your competitors, is the experience you can give to your customers that only you can offer. This is what you should be researching and profiting off of, your niche is what will make your unboxing videos stand out and create a loyal, returning audience who love your products as well as your brand.


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