Custom packaging is what we do

So why choose us? At B-PAK we have 20 years experience and over 50 million packs built and fulfilled. We are experts in this field and provide unique packaging for all our clients.

We take your brand to the next level

Today’s consumers are market-savvy due to so much exposure to brand messaging from social media channels. It gets harder and harder to stand out from your competition. Our designs transcend the normal expectations of receiving cards and with our bespoke design service that incorporates your brand’s message, you’ll have the ultimate unique-to-you product that will impress your customers and have them coming back for more.

Benefits for you

Cost-efficient full-service experience with no middle-agencies. We design, manufacture, fulfill and deliver a customer-ready product all in-house.

Creates brand loyalty with your customers, so they talk about your brand and keep coming back for more.

Lower fulfillment costs – no need to factor in the laborious process of sticking plastic cards to packaging because the data is housed within the pack itself.

Benefits for your customers

Guilt-free shopping because they know they are helping to save the planet from additional plastic waste.

An elevated experience with a touch of magic when they receive their SIM, bank, loyalty or gift card.

All in one solution. No need to search for wrapping paper and a traditional card to accompany the gift.


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