23 November 2020

Why Your Credit Cards Need Personalized Card Packaging

Personalized Products

When you receive a new bank card through the post, it arrives attached simply to a piece of paper. This may feel enough for a replacement card, but imagine receiving a card like this when they have just signed up to this bank for the very first time. Or if they are receiving their first ever credit card. Your customers are excited because they can finally buy that thing you have been dreaming of. Don’t leave your new customers feeling underwhelmed – opt for personalized bank card packaging that leaves a lasting impression.


Personalized bank card packaging will:


Make your customers feel valued

No one will feel valued with a piece of paper, but imagine their faces when they receive an interactive pack with their card in. It will be an experience, adding WOW to the unboxing of your card. We know that customers want experiences now more than ever; they want to feel valued and that their money matters to you, especially younger Gen Z customers. With so many cards to choose from, it is your job to make sure that they know you appreciate their decision to choose you – and bespoke or personalized packaging will show them that you care.

Reinforce your brand values

We see so many brand messages each day, especially on social media and TV. It is your job to cut through that noise so that your customer remembers you and – more importantly – “gets you”. What you stand for as a company is what will get you those all-important new customers, so use the opportunity on your bank card packaging to reveal your ethos/mission statement/values. This can be done in a serious or a fun way – the options for how you communicate are endless (plus we can work together to get the perfect finish with messaging and packaging as part of our process).


 Stand out over the competitors

Not only is there a lot of noise online, but there are also more and more companies offering credit cards. With this in mind, you need to stand out from your competitors (who are sticking cards to pieces of paper!). Our bespoke personalized bank card packaging shows how serious you are about your business, but it’s also a chance to connect to your customer and show them you care.


Increase loyalty

When customers receive branded experiences they are more likely to remember you and tell their friends and family too. Think about the last thing you bought that had great branded packaging (maybe the latest Apple product or a bottle of Don Perignon) and remember how you felt. Ask yourself what they did well.

Give luxury

It really doesn’t matter if the product is luxurious or not – everyone wants to connect with their purchase and the brand, so now is the time to re-consider moving to personalized bank card packaging. By sending your bank card in something unexpected like our packs, your product will be elevated at first glance. So a win, win for everyone.

The biggest reason why branded bank card packaging is worth investing in is that it shows that you are invested in your customer. You invest in them and they will invest in you.