Bespoke Card PAKs for a
captivating unboxing experience

Elevating your brand

At B-PAK, we take pride in providing product packaging that not only reflects your business’s excellence but also engages your customers with an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Our Card PAK range is perfectly suited to the Telecommunications, Neo-Bank, Loyalty, and Gift Card sectors. Every design is adaptable in size, function, and security dependent on your product requirements.

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Our Card PAKs

We offer a diverse range of Card PAK templates for you to explore.

Discover which of our Card PAKs is the right fit for your product by looking at our 'Suitable Cards' section. Then tailor your design with our 'Customizable Features' to find the ideal combination that aligns with your product needs.

Our Work

We work alongside your business to make sure that you get the perfect design, technology and manufacturing finish for your brand. We strive to make each product unique and aim to live up to our reputation as experts in the packaging industry.

Packaging that’s FSC certified

At B-PAK we prioritize using FSC approved vendors for our card and paper materials. Part of our promise to you is that the materials we use for your packaging are high quality, ethical and sustainable, this means that you can come to us confident that you are getting the best for your brand. Sustainable solutions don’t mean compromising on quality and they shouldn’t mean compromising on your brand’s vision; or costing the world.

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