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Our Production Process

At B-PAK, we offer a comprehensive list of services that cater to every aspect of your packaging needs.

Our expert team provides professional consulting, talented designers and precise structural engineers. We also use manufacturing processes to ensure quality and durability for your packaging.

Trust us for end-to-end packaging solutions that meet your unique requirements.

  • Concept: Once we understand your product, market sector and scope of work, we will be able to suggest suitable product packaging options that can be developed to suit your product. 
  • Structural design: We will ensure product fitment and functionality of your product packaging by creating physical samples in our studio to test.  
  • Graphic design: A comprehensive creation of your product packaging artwork is available – branding, tone of voice, color palette, Etc – as well as assistance throughout the artworking stage.
  • Proofing: e-proofing, studio proofing and eventual manufacturing proofing are all mandatory stages to ensure your product packaging is exactly as envisioned.
Global Manufacturing
  • Locations: BPAK has manufacture partners in Asia, Europe & North America.
  • Manufacture Partners: Our manufacture partners are all vetted and heavily certified so only premium resources are used to ensure the highest quality of product packaging.
  • Lead Times: In most cases, BPAK are able to achieve a four week manufacture lead time from date of product packaging approval.
  • Products: BPAK can undertake the sourcing of the specific product you are packaging should this be a requirement – such as SIM Cards.
  • Sundries: Accompanying products can also be sourced by BPAK – such as SIM Card removal tools.
  • Card PAKs: Scanning cards (collating data), inserting cards, inserting / adding sundries, labelling / RFID Tagging (linking data), securing, boxing, palletizing, data control.
  • Box PAKs: Fulfilling product, inserting / adding sundries, labeling, securing, palletizing, data control. 
  • Adaptability: BPAK can adapt very quickly (within 24 hours) to sudden changes and spikes in demand.
  • Direct to Client: Product is delivered direct to client per their receiving protocol – pre-booking, appointment, pallet spec, Etc.
  • Direct to Distribution Centre: Product is delivered direct to client assigned distribution centre per DCs receiving protocol – pre-booking, appointment, pallet spec, Etc.
  • Direct to Consumer: Product is mailed direct to consumer (“pick-&-pack”) – USPS, courier – and tracking is advised.

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