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29 June 2021
Why Use BPAK For Your Card Packaging? 
When it comes to designing great bank card packaging, at BPAK we know what it takes.  We know how to say in one product that you’re a memorable, go-to company. And we’re not the only ones who think we’re pretty good at what we do. If you take a look at the work we’ve been […]
How To Make Your Packaging More Accessible For Customers With Visual Impairments
21 June 2021
Why Use BPAK For Your SIM Card Packaging?
At BPAK we work hard to provide the very best in SIM card packaging, and do you know what? We’re pretty darn good at it! We know what makes the very best packaging and what it takes to make your brand stand out from the crowd. In a world where blowing your own trumpet can […]
4 Reasons To Have Credit & Debit Bank Card Packaging
14 June 2021
4 Reasons To Have Bank Card Packaging
If you know anything about us, you’ll know that at BPAK we provide packaging that has a WOW factor. When it comes to packaging for debit and credit cards, we know a thing or two about what works. As the team at Verizon and T Mobile will vouch, we’ve got the art of producing great bank card packaging down […]
5 Packaging Design Ideas To Consider In Your Business Packaging
25 May 2021
5 Design Ideas To Consider In Your Packaging
At BPAK, our focus is on the customer experience. When it comes to your business packaging for SIM cards, bank cards, loyalty or gift cards we want to create the WOW factor. It’s not enough for a customer to just feel okay with their purchase: it needs to be an experience that is not forgotten. […]
How To Make Your Packaging More Accessible For Customers With Visual Impairments
19 May 2021
P.O.S With SIM Card Packaging
We know that SIM cards are big business. According to research carried out in 2020, there are 4.5 billion of these sold every year. In the UK alone, 80% of adults own a mobile phone and alongside this, are the millions of teenagers and children that own devices. So, if you’re looking at selling SIM cards, you need […]
11 May 2021
Your Packaging Can Increase Customer Loyalty
You’re not looking for one-off customers. But creating and maintaining that loyalty is not simple by any means. Especially as consumers are bombarded daily with eye-catching marketing. What you need is something that stands out. It is a well-known fact that the cost of attracting a new customer far exceeds that of retaining one. In […]
30 April 2021
How Great Business Packaging Improves Your Sales
At BPAK, we want to make sure that your customers are amazed by your product (and of course packaging) so that they keep coming back to your brand.  After all, you need to keep driving those sales year on year. Although great business packaging is going to cost more than basic, no-frills packaging we have […]