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How To Make Your Packaging More Accessible For Customers With Visual Impairments
8 April 2021
How To Make Your Packaging More Accessible For Customers With Visual Impairments
Whether you are designing packaging for bank cards or for SIM cards, you want to make sure that the words can be read easily by everyone. This can be tricky at times, as often the packaging is small and you have a lot to say. It is reported that 1 in 30 people in the […]
25 March 2021
6 Reasons Why Customers Love Loyalty Cards And Loyalty Card Packaging
A few weeks ago we shared 10 reasons why your business needs a loyalty card. Today let’s focus on the customer or client and why they would want one. How it helps them choose where to shop but also how it makes them feel. This experience is important to us at BPAK; from the second […]
18 March 2021
6 reasons your packaging matters as much as your product
As a business, you are more than likely concentrating on your product; its look and feel, and whether it is fit for purpose. Of course, that matters hugely, but would you believe us when we say that your packaging matters just the same as the product? How you decide to package your product, no matter […]
18 March 2021
5 ways to make your loyalty card successful
For any business thinking of creating a loyalty card scheme to improve customer retention and make more revenue, you need to take a moment to consider how to make it successful. By considering these before you launch, or indeed before you even create the card itself, it is more likely to meet your KPIs and be well […]
4 February 2021
How we can support your business packaging
We thought we would share some of our favourite packaging designs with you today, to give you a feel of what we do.
28 January 2021
3 thing that can go wrong with your personalised packaging
Packaging has many uses; from protecting your product to having stand out on a shelf or in an advert, as well as being the place you communicate your key information and branding. But often it can end up doing none of these important things.
7 January 2021
How loyalty card packaging can improve your customer retention in 2021
Why not consider personalised loyalty card packaging that creates an unboxing experience as part of your 2021 customer retention plan. They can help your business grow and here are just three reasons how.