7 July 2023

Frustration Free: Box Card Packaging

Box Card Packaging
Frustration free packaging

Box card packaging is everywhere, it’s synonymous with consumerism and integral to maintaining high levels of quality in a brand’s products. It’s also a good alternative to frustrating packaging that products often come in. In this article we’re going to be diving into why box packaging is so effective for selling your product, appealing to consumers and getting return sales. Box card packaging is more than just a box, it’s an entire experience…and we’re here to make sure it’s a good one.


Why should you choose box card packaging?

There are many ways of presenting your product to your customers to ensure that it is more appealing than your competitors. Some brands go for a more minimalistic look, others go for bright colors and graphics; some brands stand out with the materials they use, (as well as the ones which they don’t). It all depends on what your brand prioritizes, but every brand should prioritize inclusive rather than exclusive packaging that is frustration-free for everyone.


The great thing about box card packaging is that the choices are very flexible when it comes to designing your product packaging. In a way that flexible packaging such as pouches just doesn’t allow. Dimensions, material weights, colors, inks, and even additions such as product windows, section dividers or glosses can easily be altered and personalized so that your brand stands out. 


How can box card packaging help with this?

Well, your box card packaging can be incredibly helpful not only in selling your product but also helping individuals to access your brand. Not all packaging is – unfortunately – made with consideration for accessibility to everyone. That’s where box card packaging comes in. Box card packaging uses card or cardboard as the primary material, it is usually sealed with tape/stickers of some kind to ensure security of the product. Think of an Amazon box, it’s made of card, sealed with Amazon wrapping tape and it can easily be opened via the pull cord. Frustration free, sustainable, but still clearly branded. 


As FFP (Frustration-Free Packaging) becomes a higher priority for companies, it’s important to remember that this is not a niche area of packaging. It should just be the norm. In the article Everyone’s Included: Inclusive Not Exclusive we go into how you can make your packaging more inclusive and in This Is Not A Trend: Inclusive Packaging we go into why it’s important from a business perspective to make packaging as accessible as possible. From raised designs that help those with limited eyesight or a language barrier to differentiate between products, large QR codes that give users the ability to access small-print information or instructions, easy-pull tabs for accessing the product and clear branding to make sure that consumers know who they’re buying from. A brand that did this really well is Herbal Essences, who have added raised symbols to their shampoo and conditioner bottles to make their products more accessible to all of their customers. Although they don’t offer box card packaging with their range of shampoos and conditioners, it’s a great idea that many brands can incorporate with just a few changes to their current packaging at very little cost. Putting symbols rather than braille on packaging means that not only is your packaging still including individuals who don’t know braille, it’s also opening up a whole new market of consumers who you haven’t even considered might find it difficult to access your products.


Judging a box by its cover.

The best way to start off identifying how your current packaging is irritating your customers is to ask. A straightforward poll on your social media platforms, or even at a pop-up stand in one of your stores can really help to put you ahead in knowing where your packaging is falling short when it comes to customer satisfaction. Customers judge a product at face value, and if the packaging isn’t appealing, then they’ll assume the product isn’t either. If the packaging looks impossible to remove, they won’t even think about buying it and will seek an alternative.


When it comes to your box packaging, judging it by its cover is – unfortunately – the norm. Consumers make on average 1,000 decisions a day; most of the time without thinking about them because a lot of the decisions that they make are subliminal. They are to do with how attractive they find something, how familiar the brand is and how accurately their expectations are being met. All of this can be deduced from the packaging. And this is where box packaging comes in. 


Box card packaging allows you more creative license. Once you know what your customers are being put off with in your packaging, you can do something about it. 



If you are looking for box card packaging that helps your customer to connect to your brand, elevating the unboxing experience and the quality of your product – get in touch with the BPAK team today. For more information on our capabilities email or explore our website.