3 October 2022

In An Octopus’s Garden: Seaweed Packaging


We talked about Algae Ink in a previous article and this week we’re talking about seaweed packaging! 


Seaweed packaging is a biodegradable, renewable and entirely sustainable material option for companies that want something which is a little bit different, ethically sound and aligned with their environmental goals. Thanks to exploration into the various types of packaging which seaweed can make, there is also the opportunity to use see-through flexible packaging which looks and acts just like plastic but is made entirely from seaweed and is therefore compostable and sustainable.


Seaweed is already used across various industries – although this is little known. For example to create vegetable gelatin in foods and cosmetics. Larger algaes are used to produce medicines, fertilizers and dietary chemicals. It grows from a seed within 45 days, with certain species growing a meter per day. Seaweed has extensive nutritional benefits as well as potential for varied application – being zero waste and potentially carbon neutral are a few of the many positives which this material has to offer the industry.


The seaweed is broken down without chemicals,  in a process that takes the yeast out – allowing for it to also contribute to animal feed meaning there is no waste, to break down the packaging takes 4 weeks. The packaging itself is entirely edible and therefore cannot cause any harm to the environment, it can also be thrown away with food waste which means that recycling companies won’t be having to find new ways to break down yet another material.


Unfortunately seaweed packaging is more expensive than oil-based packaging due to resources and current manufacturing capabilities. However as more companies take up the seaweed producing mantle and large brands decide to incorporate it into their product packaging.


If you would like to know more about the different materials available for your packaging get in touch with the BPAK team today to start your next packaging project.