13 December 2022

New Year New Trends: Packaging In 2023

New Year Forecast

2022 saw a lot of change in the packaging industry. Changes in legislation, supply chains, raw materials, priorities and outside influences meant that the movement we started to see this year is going to continue into 2023. Get yourself a cup of coffee, put your feet up and find a notebook – we’re going to get you prepared for the packaging trends 2023 holds in store.


01: Color Me Beautiful

2023 is going to see a concerted effort to move away from minimalism and embrace maximalism – not only for impact but also to stand out in the evolving market of social commerce. This means bright colors, vibrant illustrations and retro vibes. If you’re looking for ways to break out of the blanding we’ve seen in recent years, next year is the time to do it. There will be a merging of graphic design and graphic illustration to create unique and old-school styles which bring forward nostalgia for consumers visually.


02: We’re Better Connected

Connected packaging is the way forward, digitizing and connecting all sectors and areas of the production line. No matter what you’re selling you can regulate your packaging to have digital ISBN’s (no human error), mediated temperatures controlled by thermometers in the packaging (no more products going off), tracking on the packaging (find out how long it takes your products to go off the shelves) and co-ordinated shipping. No matter what you’re looking for your packaging to give you – make it digital with the Internet of Packaging.


03: Supply Chain Issues

Everything that happens in the outside world, affects the packaging world. The cost of living crisis hitting various countries across the globe means that both consumers and businesses are looking for ways to cut costs. This means finding cheaper materials. Unfortunately wars and rising sustainable transparency mean that this can often be hard to make happen, especially with growing labor shortages which means longer lead times.


04: Make It Green

Sustainability is getting more and more important as companies take initiative with their carbon output. This means ethical sourcing, regulated shipping and no greenwashing advertising. The UK introduced a plastic packaging tax onto companies which has increased the move towards greener materials. 


05: Adapt 

The brands that survive 2023 will be the ones who can adapt. Social commerce, AI support, the Internet of Everything…the world is becoming more connected but it is also craving real connection. Brands will need to build communities of customers who want to be part of a lifestyle, consumers who want to be part of something bigger than a product.


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