4 January 2023

Worth It: Loyalty Schemes

Loyalty Card Packaging
Loyalty Scheme

Are loyalty schemes worth the hassle they take to input? Here are some facts and tips to help you create a loyalty scheme that could be the business move you’ve been looking for.

Loyalty schemes don’t have to be stamps on a card that your customers collect to pick up a discount. You can create a whole community with the loyal customers who sign up to your scheme. Did you know that 18% of consumers engage with every single loyalty scheme they are part of? And 81% of consumers want to form a relationship with a brand. To improve your chances of getting a return on your investment in a scheme:


  • What Would Your Customers Want

Considering it will be your customers not you signing up to the scheme it’s a good idea to do some market research. Do they prefer discounts off of products or one-of-a-kind offers that aren’t advertised to other shoppers? 42% of consumers would love to try new brands, this means that almost half of the people who shop would be willing to try your brand – even if they don’t return you can still use their experience to sell through them to their network. 


  • Choices, Choices

There are 5 main types of loyalty schemes

  • Point Programs
  • Tiered Programs
  • Value Based Programs
  • Omnichannel Programs
  • Paid Programs


  • How Do You Do It

Lots of loyalty schemes are based on cards that your customers can keep in their wallets and produce at the checkout to collect points to earn rewards for their loyalty. You can also create your own app with a QR code which shoppers scan at the checkout that instantly allows them to see how many points they have and what they can get with those points/activating offers etc and sending them reminders.


Want more information on how BPAK can help you to create the perfect loyalty card for your brand’s scheme? Get in touch with the team today to take the first step towards better customer retention.