25 February 2022

Too Much Choice: Beat Ad-bombardment


Today’s consumers are bombarded with an endless range of products and services that claim to cater for their every want – from their business to their personal life there is no limit to what they can access. So is there too much choice, and how can your business stand out? 



Ad-fatigue (caused by ad bombardment) is the main cause for customer detachment from a product, service or company. The amount of people who are pro-advertisements has halved since the 90’s and is still in decline. The table below shows the effects of bombarding your potential and current customers with adverts – the percentage of negative reactions is far higher than the percentage of positive reactions in relation to exposure to adverts.

Graph For Ad-Bombardment

So what is the alternative if you can’t shove a whole load of adverts onto an outdated algorithm that will pester your potential customers until they give in to your persuasive tactics?

Currently there are around 4.48 billion social media users worldwide – that’s 4.48 billion people who you have access to just through the social media apps you probably already have installed on your phone. Before you go and use every hashtag in the book and make a whole load of generalized content – here are a few tips for ensuring that you get the best effects without annoying your audience.


Study your potential audience:

– which accounts do they follow on social media (any potential influencers for you product/service?)

– what is the general aesthetic of this audience (does it match the aesthetic of your brand?)

– what do they want (Sustainable packaging? Ethical solutions? Variety?)


Find your niche:

– what can your brand offer that no other can?

– make your own hashtag

– find hashtags and influencers that match your brand, ethics, product/service

– be authentic, don’t post stuff just to get more followers because more followers doesn’t mean more engagement (make a brand booklet with your brand’s colors/TOV/keywords/logo so you can have a physical guideline available)


Use your packaging:

– the most underrated marketing tool ever is your brand’s packaging, spend time and money on figuring out how your packaging will act as your brand’s billboard

incorporate the right aesthetic for your target audience, make sure it’s delivering more than just a logo

– your packaging should show the lifestyle your brand promotes, from the materials you use to the colors you apply

– customers don’t need to consent to cookies for this advertising and you don’t have to pay for the views you get; but that doesn’t mean that it’s not worth investment…make sure the impact your packaging has is a positive one



Beating ad fatigue with your customers is all about how to plug your brand without making your audience feel like they’re watching a repetitive and annoying advert. Start with reviewing your packaging and find out on how we can help to make your packaging the best element of your marketing with a design that pays dividends