10 December 2021

Judging the Cover: B2B Packaging Solutions

Custom packaging
Custom Packaging

At BPAK we’re here for your business. We work B2B (business to business) and have you in the forefront of our mind which means your end-consumer is also our priority. But what is it that we do? And why do we do it for businesses rather than consumers?

According to Packaging of the World, 70% of consumers decide what your brand is about and whether they want to invest in it from the packaging you use. This means that you have an average of 7 seconds to make a good first impression through your packaging, to get the attention of a potential customer. You don’t want to lose that chance when 65% of your business could come from those customers returning.

BPAK understands your need to attract customers who will remain loyal to your brand. We understand it so much we even have a blog post telling you how passionate we are about helping you to do this! It is because we understand this need to sell your brand as well as your products that we support businesses, rather than producing directly to the consumer. We want your business to thrive through custom packaging that highlights your brand and accelerates your business. We’ve done it for Fortune 500 Companies, we’ve done it for well-established brands, we’ve done it for 20 years! 

Producing custom packaging for companies means that we work arm in arm with your business’ team to create the best results. From design to manufacturing, shipping to distribution; we are the experts so you don’t have to be. 

Analysing the available market means that we know how to give you the best experience with the best software and the highest level of knowledge within the sector. Since 40% of consumers will share packaging on social media if they think it’s unique, there’s no reason not to make your packaging ready for the unboxing trend to rebuild that trust with your audience. If it represents your brand and is inventive in design and engineering, you could be onto something that people buy for the packaging as well as the product! 

And because we care about sustainability as well as design, our packaging is earth-friendly. So you would be in with a chance of gaining that 68% of consumers, who are more likely to buy a product and 74% of consumers who are willing to pay more (sometimes as much as 10%) if it is made with sustainable materials. So whether you sell online or in-store, we make sure that your product stands out from the crowd and those customers keep returning.


The best way to help a business is through making it consumer-friendly from the inside out. You’ve made an amazing product, and now we want to help you box it in amazing packaging that will drive your sales and stand out from the competition.