10 August 2023

Light Work: Do Materials Matter

light work

Materials are the be-all and end-all of product packaging. The materials that you choose will define not only your packaging but also the entire image of your brand. 72% of American consumers say their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design, that design is enhanced or shut down by the packaging. 


So, how do you turn finding the right material for your brand from an impossible quest to an exciting adventure? Here are our 3 top tips on finding the right material for your packaging.



Make sure that your brand’s ethics align with the material you are choosing. If you are focusing on sustainability, don’t use virgin plastics for your product. Just like if you’re a luxury brand, using thin card isn’t going to make a good impression on your customers. Understanding your brand and who your target audience is will be the first major step you take in finding out your perfect packaging material match. 



Understand who your target audience is. Yes, you should be creating for what you believe in bringing to the table regardless of who’s already supporting your brand; but at the end of the day it’s your customers who are going to keep you in business and 30% of businesses report an increase in revenue after improving product packaging. Understand how they see you and what they want from you – is that aligned with your ethics and the foundation of your brand? If yes, then there’s another indication of the materials that you should be using. If not, then it’s time to go back to the drawing board to understand where the message went awry. Bear in mind that ​​67% of American consumers say Paper and Cardboard based packaging makes a product more attractive than other Packaging material. And 52% of consumers have changed product brands due to new packaging design.



Don’t underestimate the power of the right material for your packaging. There are lots of choices that you can make in relation to your materials, and yes there are wrong choices. The wrong choices will take away from your product. 55% of U.S. survey respondents said they were extremely or very concerned about how product packaging would impact the environment, you can’t ignore the general direction that consumers are taking but you can make sure that it is still relevant to your brand. How do you do this? Pick the right material for your brand that also appeals to your target market.


Also bear in mind the different types of packaging, businesses are no longer just dealing with sheets of paper to wrap their products in. The market is huge and technological advances are just making it bigger. If you would like to know more about how technology is impacting the packaging industry you can read the article Connected: The Internet of Packaging on the BPAK blog.


Below are the four types of packaging to keep in mind when looking for your brand’s perfect material. There are of course some sectors where each type of packaging will thrive and sectors where it will not be needed. However when looking it is good to have a broad idea of what is out there, if you would like to know more about how technology is impacting the types of packaging available be sure to check out the article Connected: The Internet of Packaging on the BPAK blog.


Passive Packaging

Traditional packaging usage of covering materials. 

This kind of packaging will usually be found in products like stationary, games boxes etc. It does not have any extra abilities, it’s just the material.


Active Packaging

Packaging materials that actively react to internal and external environmental changes.

This kind of packaging is slowly becoming popular in the food and pharmaceutical industry as it helps to tell consumers and brands when items have gone off. 


Intelligent Packaging

Materials with innovative design convenient to users.

This kind of packaging is great for increasing inclusivity in product packaging design.


Smart Packaging

Usage of chemicals or technology and their combination in creating products that are functional and useful, and that add novel functions to the whole product.

This kind of packaging is great in the beauty industry. Giving consumers an immersive experience into the brand and the product. 


If you are wondering about the material you should use for your product packaging and want to talk to one of our experts. Get in touch today on to find out how our tailored solutions can help your brand to flourish.