13 October 2020

How To: Attract Gen Z With Your SIM Card Packaging

Gen Z

In the US there are sixty-seven million people that fall into the Gen Z category. Also known as Centennials, these are young people who grew up with technology, are focused on health and saving the planet, are hyper-aware and don’t want a 9-5 job. Born in the mid-1990s up to the late 2000s, this group may not have the lion’s share of the wealth, but they are predicted to make up to 24% of the workforce here in the UK (by 2021) and 40% of all consumers in the US. With an estimated purchasing power of 44 billion dollars annually, it is worth noting that businesses are still focusing their attention on an older demographic without understanding their needs.

This generation tells us that they value customer experience and social identity over the product itself – they want to feel valued and like their money matters. When you think that that they spend 10.6 hours online each day, and 75% use smartphones over computers, SIM card providers would be wrong to just focus on the product but instead think about creating a package that makes them feel something.


To attract Gen Z, companies need to:


Connect with them on a personal level

Whether it be creating packaging that is personalized to the consumer, or creating a Gen Z version, this group want to feel valued. The messages on the packaging need to speak to them on their level so brands need to be diverse and sustainable so they feel that their cultural attitudes are respected. These are young adults who want to be spoken to as such – while they want to have fun, they want to feel listened to, respected and shown that their spending power is valued.


Make the experience fun

On average, Gen Zs will pay attention to content for a span of eight seconds; four less than millennials. With this in mind, the experience that you create with your packaging has to stand out and make them stop and look. They are also a creative bunch, with 77% reporting to love doing something creative to counterbalance the technology such as painting or sewing, so again your packaging needs to be eye-catching and fun.

They also love the unboxing experience of a new product, feeling that it needs to be Insta worthy.


Work hard on brand loyalty

While they may be less concerned with the product and more about the experience, it is still vital for brands to build loyalty that could potentially last a lifetime. Whether buying a new SIM card or getting their first credit card, it is the brands’ job to reinforce their identity and values at the first point of contact; often the packaging. Simply attaching them to a piece of paper is no good for Gen Zs.

They love offers, upgrades and rewards too so consider this when working on your brand’s loyalty messaging and strategy.


The great news is that we can help with all 3 ways to attract Gen Z:

  1. We create custom packaging and bespoke messaging for SIM cards, gift cards and credit cards – so whatever your product is, together we can create a design that will speak to them and their beliefs.
  2. Whether it be with something like our innovative gift card packaging, that makes people smile or our memorable sleek bank card packaging, we have always been focused on creating an experience for every consumer.
  3. We will work hard with you to ensure all messaging is aligned with your brand and can add any upgrade or promotion onto the packaging itself.