30 November 2020

10 Tips: Packaging Design

Tips To Help Your business Thrive

We are often asked what makes the perfect packaging. If you are thinking of designing packaging in 2021, here are 10 things to consider.


Align the colour to your brand

This seems an obvious thing to consider, but sometimes businesses choose packaging that matches the event or season such as Christmas. While this may be right for you, it is worth considering reinforcing your branding with your customer by choosing the same brand colours, fonts and logo. This will help customers to recognise you, and in turn, helps to encourage brand loyalty.


Align the finish to your customer demographic

Consider the finish of the packaging and whether this is right for your audience. If your product or service is more luxurious and your customer more affluent, consider packaging with a gloss finish – maybe with embossed writing. This feels more special which results in your customer feeling valued.


Add personality to the design

Consider adding some fun to your packaging, if this is right for your brand and customer demographic. This could be anything from animals with moving eyes (like our Amazon gift card packaging) or adding emojis. Our Delta Airlines loyalty card packaging was made from the body of a retired Delta jet – showing that personality doesn’t have to be funny!


Adding all the features and benefits onto the packaging

There is plenty of space for messaging on our gift card, SIM card or bank card packaging, so consider the messages that you want to communicate. This could be the features and benefits of the product or more about your company. It is also worth considering adding any messages that encourage up-selling to other products.


The size of the packaging

As long as the packaging can house your gift card, SIM card or bank card; the size of the packaging can be whatever you want. It makes sense to make it hand-held for convenience though – have a look at our past designs to give you some ideas.


How will it be displayed in-store?

If your packaging needs to be displayed in-store, you have to consider whether the design needs to be adapted to suit the store’s needs. For example, if it’s hanging from a prong or arm the packaging would need a cut out at the top. If they are sitting in a forward-facing box of a certain size you will need to consider the thickness of the packaging.


Will the quantity determine the price?

Yes! When considering the design, you will need to consider quantities and budget. Of course, we can talk you through this but most often the lower the print run the higher the price per unit.


Is the packaging sustainable?

If sustainability is on your radar, ask whether the packaging can be recycled, or specifically request to use recycled materials. This will of course affect the finish, but give us a call and we can discuss it.


Do you want extras added?

Stickers, seals, envelopes – these are extra but could add to the experience for your customer.


Is it evergreen?

Finally, ask yourself whether you want your packaging to be evergreen i.e. to last forever. By writing the year onto the packaging or being specific about an offer that has an end date, your design has a shelf life. If you want it to be available for longer, consider what you’re putting on it.