25 November 2022

3 Tips: How To Sell SIM Cards On Social Media

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Social SIMs

SIM cards are a necessary part of owning a phone. Social media is a necessary part of modern communication and interaction. 83.32% of the world’s population own a mobile phone – this means that 83.32% of the world’s population require a SIM card. 

The pandemic affected how companies sell products; in the B2B sector, 93% of companies are now conducting some portion of their business online – U.S. consumers spent 32% more online in 2020 than in the year prior and in the fourth quarter alone, e-commerce sales hit $245 billion, up from $185 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019, with $1 in every $5 spent on retail purchases happening online. 

The SIM card market is a continuously growing sector, the advances in technology mean that new rollouts are happening all the time and that means that at BPAK we are always finding new ways to package your latest product. But how do you sell a SIM card online when you can’t hang it in-store right next to your competitors?


01: Social Commerce

Getting interest in your SIM card starts online. You want your social media pages to stand out, to link to your brand in every way and to be somewhere people want to spend time. Currently 3.2 billion people are on social media – which means that 45% of the world are available for social sales. Social sales are a great way to get people to buy your SIM card without needing to go to their local shop, or even your website – the tactic is 15% more effective than any other selling technique and you get to increase conversions at the same time. You need high quality pictures of your packaging, a great tagline and a community people want to be part of. But first of all you need packaging that looks good on a screen…


02: Photogenic

Packaging that looks good in real life won’t necessarily pop on-screen; and if it doesn’t pop on-screen then you won’t get the conversions. We are 65% more likely to remember content if it is paired with a high quality visual – and as the general quality of content increases – you’re going to need to do something a little bit different to get attention and keep it. Packaging that catches the light with raised elements, has funky eye-catching colors and a clean aesthetic will be more likely to get a pause in the daily scroll; but you also have to know your audience…


03: Know Your Audience

Everyone doesn’t like everything. Just because we all need SIM cards for our phones doesn’t mean we’re all happy with one company. Fortunately for you that means that there is a customer who wants the way you sell SIM cards out there; you just need to find them. How do you do that? Number one is research; you need to understand where the gap is and how you can fill it with your brand, your product and your style. Number two is: be authentic. Nowadays customers are wanting more and more transparency in what they are buying into, they’re also very good at research and considering your competitors are just as accessible as you are; you might want to look a bit more into your how, what, where, when and why. The most successful brands are the ones who understand what their customers want and know how to give them what they don’t yet know they want.


If you want help with your packaging optimization for social commerce get in touch with the team at BPAK.