Customised packaging to make your brand memorable

SIM Cards
At B-PAK our origins lay within the SIM card business and with more than fifteen years’ experience and around fifty-million packs later it is safe to say we know what we are doing. Our award-winning designs never fail to delight and are a fantastic way to make a SIM card into an exciting product.
Bank Cards
The rise of the FinTech sector has seen an increased desire for innovative and unique card packaging to maximise the customer unboxing experience. B-PAK have a great deal of experience in this field and we are able to work with all of the major bank card issuing and processing providers.
Loyalty Cards
What better way is there to communicate the value of your loyalty card than with a fantastic piece of packaging. Our packs are so good they are usually kept.
Gift Cards
When the biggest retailer in the world approached us to create a revolutionary way to display and sell their internationally retailed gift card we jumped at the opportunity. What we brought to the market was an award-winning and undoubtedly the most delightful product to ever hit the gift card market.

Case Studies

Gift card
SIM card
Loyalty card