11 January 2022

It’s Vogue: Redesign Your Packaging

Photoshoot Restyle Your Packaging

Redesigning your packaging can be a daunting process, but sometimes it’s a necessary move that ensures your brand continues to attract customers and stay up to date with the latest changes in the industry. 2021 saw a lot of progress in e-commerce, online forums, startups and sustainable awareness. All thanks to 2020 and the COVID pandemic that rocketed business forward years in just 12 months. Businesses had to redo the way they sold their products, they had to improve their online capabilities, presence and reach – because of this lots of companies have had to rebrand

The most noticeable alterations are in the logos that companies chose. Changing long or overly complicated logos for fresh, simplified versions on products was a running theme for 2021. Many companies have also seen a complete increase in e-commerce sales – spurred forward by the COVID pandemic and then held by the succession of lockdowns, as well as a growing preference among consumers for online shopping over high street retail. 


So what does this mean for your packaging?

It means that if your product and sales platform has changed – your product packaging should too. Packaging is so much more than just a shipping device. If you want to access the increasingly powerful Millennial, Gen Z and Gen X markets you’ll need to have packaging that looks as good as the product. Preferably even better. Lucky for you, your business is not going to be the only one revamping – why not join the trend and review how your packaging resonates with your target audience? 

So are you selling to the people you think you are? From logo, to palette, to name – your brand packaging denotes who your customers will be. If a large portion of your sales comes from social media, then your packaging needs to reflect this. However if your sales are a product of word-of-mouth then you don’t have to hitch a ride on the ‘unboxing experience’ bandwagon. This means that you can stick to your niche. 

It all depends on how your brand interacts with customers and where that happens; because your product packaging is your brand’s main billboard. So is it saying what you want it to?


BPAK specialize in bespoke packaging for brands big and small. Does your packaging need a bit of a restyle? Come and talk to us, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect packaging to showcase your product and your brand.